Thursday, July 29, 2010

Polyvore: My basics + items I'd love to own.

On my last post, I shared with everyone the clothes I bought from Forever21 and H&M. I was able to buy items to make up an entire outfit. Yay! I've been trying to figure out which ones from my existing accessory and bag collection I should use with my new clothes, and then an idea struck me. I haven't done a Polyvore outfit in a while! So here we are, a Polyvore outfit! :D


Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

The basic items that I have are the skirt, tank top, cardigan, and shoes. I was able to find the exact skirt I have, but that's all. Good thing I found look-alikes for the other ones. Haha. :D

The basics:

Faux denim tiered skirt (Forever21) - $12.50
Striped Women's tank (Tilly's) - $9.99
Women's boyfriend cardigan (American Eagle) - $16
Champion Canvas sneakers (Keds) - $30

The "I wish I had these":

Balenciaga bag - $1,755
Invicta Women's 6301 Lupah Collection White Corian watch - $80 (pretty reachable, haha)
Chanel heart shaped clip-on earrings - $375
Vintage Christian Dior 1980s Gold Tone Central Diamante Logo necklace - $592
Vintage Chanel 1980s Gold Rope Textured Surround 'CC' Logo necklace - $1,048

Aaah, if only I had those accessories and a Balenciaga bag... but, that's okay, I'm sure I'll find something in my closet to make the outfit work. ;)

Any other ideas on what I should wear with my basics? :D


  1. Super cute outfit! I just did a polyvore post too, its just too much fun!

  2. Love your picks! I can't believe how expensive those little Chanel earrings are! Gorgeous though ;)

  3. I'm loving that bag...loveeeee~


  4. Great outfit! Love the stripes and gold, very French/nautical! XO!

  5. This is a gorgeous outfit. I absolutely love the purse

  6. I like the cardigan, skirt, tank top, and the bag... the shoes look chunky to me to be paired with a skirt in that cut.:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  7. Sequins and Lace-- yup, it's so much fun! :)

    Beautygirl24-- i knoooow! but they're chanel, so i guess that explains it. haha. ;)

    Lily-- me tooo! :)

    shari-- :D

    Ansa-- me too, i want to have one. :)

    Marie-- yeah, it's the closest thing i found to my real sneakers though.

  8. Thats hot! I didnt even know what polyvore was til now! lol

  9. JillieCat-- you should really try it! it's so much fun!

  10. cute outfit!! Um...I'd take a balenciaga and chanel assessories any day! lol!

  11. Fashion and Beauty Lights-- aww, glad you love it! :)

    Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess-- me too! haha. ;)

  12. nice! the accesories are lovely!

  13. Really Great polyvore collection.

    Love classic pieces.

  14. Angeliq Lipstick and Danielle Blush-- don't you just love those accessories? :)

    -L-- thanks! :D

  15. =O That bag! Beautiful!! I now need it - along with $1,755 to buy it lol! I do adore F21 and H&M though, great choices for affordable clothes.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, yours is super cute!

  16. You have wonderful taste.

    A red lipstick will go nicely :)

  17. Looks like you've got it covered!!!
    A cute scarf though... maybe red?? Can always tie around your head / bag / neck???

    Love these basics though!! mwa

  18. Oh what a fabulous wish list :)

  19. Love your collage!
    Amazing things! =)

  20. Great basics! Love love love navy/white/gold! Yellow is also a nice pop for this combo.
    I will never understand why bags need to cost $1700, I mean really??

  21. ok super cute outfit especially the skirt . the handbag caught my eye first but then I saw the price. : (
    Have a great weekend,

  22. Amazing picks! I die for that balenciaga bag. Seriously die!

  23. Great picks! Love them all!!


  24. Love this outfit choice!!! Nicely done Mimi... although I would wear this outfit with a pair of heels instead of sneakers.

  25. Gah, a Balenciaga Bag. Seriously, who doesn't want to own one? Love!! :)

  26. I would wear all of these. Great combinations can be made with these basics!!!

  27. Love the shoes ! Amazing colors !

    alice h

  28. Those Balenciaga bags are so cute but HEAVY! No surprise that I like the Chanel accessories best :-)

  29. Join the Gossip-- you're welcome and thanks for stopping by my blog! and yup, f21 and h&m are great for affordable clothes. :)

    Katastrophic-- thanks! and i really want to get a red lipstick. :)

    j.-- :D

    Becky Jean-- a red scarf sounds like a great addition to the outfit. :)

    Katie-- :D

    Mary-- thanks! aren't they amazing? :D

    Ashleigh-- i knoooow, why do they have to cost so much? i'm liking yellow with this too. :)

    style'n-- yup, that price is like whoa. :/

    Jessica-- haha, oh Balenciaga bags!

    Nikki-- :D

    yoli-- me too! :)

    Lorraine-- yup, that would work too. i put sneakers because i was using the stuff i have on my last post. :)

    Erika-- haha, i knooow! ;)

    Lisa-- yup! :)

    godessunseen101-- :D

    Cafe Bellini-- haha, yup, i know you love Chanel! :D

  30. Love the Chanel earings!!!

    follow me too :)

  31. So adorable - every single item! Loving how the striped tank goes with the black/ dark blue and the golden jewels!!! I would so wear the outfit!!!

    Take care, lovely

  32. Love the color palette. So neat!

  33. love the cardigan and the watch. good luck finding more affordable accessories. :)

  34. Your not the only who wishes about having those accessories! That would make such a cute outfit! Sarah..0x

  35. Ooh I love the nude purse in the picture. The outfit is cute too!

  36. mythology20-- aren't they adorable? :)

    Susi-- hii! it's great to hear from you! glad you liked this post! :)

    Annie-- thanks! :)

    Cheryl-- thanks! :D

    Sarahhh.Fashion-- if only money doesn't matter, huh? ;)

    Sarah-- aah, love that bag too! :)

  37. cute outfit! those chanel earrings are so expensie, omg:D

  38. To right about the money issue kinda sucks but thats life! <3 0x

  39. Carrie-- i know, right?! ;)

    Sarahhh.Fashion-- yeah, that's life! *sigh* ;)

  40. I love that chanel necklace....of course - it's the most expensive thing in your set!

  41. Sunshine and Summertime-- haha, i love it too! ;)

  42. Haha I think every girl has put a balenciaga in at least one polyvore, they are just sooo gorgeous :) Cute picks! x

  43. Dizzy-- :D

    Ariel-- haha, i knooow! ;)

  44. Its good to dream big though, right?
    You've got some nice basics, you can really do so much with them - Mix the stripes with another pattern, layer an oversized cardigan over the jeggings, punch up the look with some bright colorful accessories...

    Chic on the Cheap

  45. Ooh that Balenciaga bag and the Chanel studs, swooon! I need to get myself on polyvore :)


  46. i love this nautical inspired look! the canvas shoes are super adorable, i've started wearing a pair recently, and they've definitely grown on me :)

  47. great picks! im addicted to strawberry lip balm as well.

    just passing by your blog and i have to say its LOVELY! do drop by mine too when you have some time. perhaps we can follow each other. =)


  48. loving this outfit post!! It's put together so nicely!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog...

  49. LyddieGal-- yup, it's good to dream big. and thanks for all those fashion tips! :D

    Charly-- you should! it's so much fun! :)

    CHANTELLE-- i have a feeling i'm gonna love them too. :)

    Persis Shah-- thanks for stopping by! and i will definitely stop by yours too. :)

    Jess-- :)

    Hilary-- hi! thanks for letting me know about your giveaway! :)

  50. Hi Mimi! Thanks for following by my blog and entering my giveaway!