Sunday, July 25, 2010

Essence Black Mania Carbon Black Volume Mascara Review

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! There is another week ahead of us - I hope we all have a good one. Can you believe it's August 1st in a week? Wow. Next thing we know, it's Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. ;)

It's been a pretty fun weekend for me - lots of family bonding time. How was yours?

I have mentioned quite a few times that I am a makeup newbie. I am enjoying learning how to put makeup on, and I actually do like getting all dolled up. :D

I have yet to perfect putting mascara on, though. I have been using the clear/gel kind of mascara, but my sister gave me the real thing. Haha, let's just say I have to practice! I get it all over my eyeshadow and under my eyes too. It's a disaster. But I did okay this morning when I was putting it on. There were a couple of smudges here and there, but nothing a Q-tip won't fix.

Any mascara tips for me? ;)

My sister got me the Essence Black Mania Carbon Black Volume Mascara.


Stunning eyes. The fiber brush in Black Mania Carbon Black Volume Mascara by Essence covers every single hair with carbon black pigments for intense color and sensational volume. ($2.99,

As a first time user, I can't really compare this mascara with other brands. That being said, I haven't had any problems with it (besides the part about having to practice putting it on, haha). It doesn't clump. It makes my lashes look longer and fuller. And true to its description, it covers every single hair. I find that it brightens my eyes and makes them look more alive. :D

The main reason why I've put off using actual black mascara is because I wear contact lens - I get teary-eyed and I often have to use eye drops - thus, I worry that the black mascara might smear. This mascara isn't the waterproof kind, but I haven't had smearing problems. I yawned a couple of times today, and fortunately it didn't smear. I haven't really used eye drops with this, so that remains to be seen. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, though.

I fell asleep for a bit this afternoon, and there are now faint black smudges under my eyes. But, I'm thinking that's normal and expected. ;)

It is also very reasonably priced at $2.99. Perfect for people like me who are just starting out with makeup. :D

What is your favorite mascara? Any tips and recommendations? :D

*Oh, and the code "mimi" is valid until July 31st to get 15% off items (excluding sale items) at!* :)


  1. Found your blog through Lemons and Laundry, love it! Great review:-) I'm a HUGE MAC mascara fan.

  2. Tamara Nicole-- thanks for stopping by! :D

  3. I am so the same way about mascara! I put it on and smudge it.. but I've gotten a lot better. I'm still in search for the perfect mascara. Lovely review.

    <3 Kelly

  4. Kelly-- thanks! and yup, it's such a struggle, but i look forward to the day i get it right. :D

  5. I'm in love with the mascaras from Rimmel London, especially the sexy curves one.

  6. This sounds great. Im thinking of switching from dior show to a new mascara. I was not impressed with my last tube.


  7. $2.99! What a steal! I might have to check it out after your review.


  8. Sounds like a great mascara!! I should check it out as I am a mascara junkie. Right now I love Rimmel mascaras. They too are pretty inexpensive.

    As for tips...practice! practice! practice! In no time you will become second nature!!


  9. mysterious.brunette-- maybe i'll try that once i become a pro at putting mascara on. :)

    Nikki-- i hope this works out for you. :)

    Rachael-- yup, $2.99! ;)

    Jackee-- thanks for that tip! :D

  10. i really like their brand of makeup!

  11. Jade "Purple" Brown-- they have good products! :D

  12. i use rimmel. i should try that one out!

  13. Wow! What a phenomenal price! I basically swear by Maybelline New York's Volume Express Mascara in Glam Black - love it!! :)

  14. Nadalyn Margaret-- i've been hearing so many good things about rimmel. :)

    Erika-- ooooh, that sounds good too! :)

  15. I love Mac and Mary Kay! They aren't quite $2.99 but they are worth it!!

  16. thanks for visiting! Followed you as well :) lovely blog~
    and my favorite mascara right now is L'oreal Telescopic Explosion! 1/3 the price of the Givenchy Phenomen'eyes!! <3


  17. Hiya Mimi! This is a great review:D I am so excited about autumn and winter( To be honest I am not a huge fan of summer!) I love christmas and all the other celebrations :D Sarah..0x

  18. thanks for follow my blog. <3
    sure i follow your blog too. (:

  19. It sounds great and the price is WAY better than some mascara I use.

    As for tears and smearing, I don't know if you are putting mascara on your bottom lashes, but you could avoid doing that or only putting it on the outside lashes of the bottom set.

  20. Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess-- i'm thinking i will try more expensive ones when i finally perfect putting it on. thanks for the recommendation! :)

    Lily-- thanks for visiting my blog and for that recommendation! :D

    Sarahhh.Fashion-- hi! i love thanksgiving and christmas too! :)

    Linda-- you're welcome and thanks! :)

    Lisa-- thanks for that tip! :)

  21. adorable post! i have to check the essence mascara + especiallz it's so cheap! actuallz, i am a devoted loreal fan, when it comes to mascaras, and eye shadows (however, these i put so rarelz)

  22. The only mascara I have found that does not give me raccoon eyes is L'Oreal's Double Extend Mascara. For some reason, it doesn't smear on me.

  23. Great review! I'm in serious need of a mascara change!

  24. love the review and I still havent found the perfect mascara yet.


  25. I've been liking Maybelline Colossal mascara lately. I once heard the key to applying mascara is to wiggle the brush from side to side as you sweep up (or down on lower lashes). It does seem to give the best coverage and length :)

  26. Oh Mimi, I just adore you! I love trying new mascaras! I have tried so many, I like to try something different each time!
    gi gi

  27. It's work finding the perfect mascara! I recently figured out that so many people are walking around with really good, fake eyelashes....applied really well! I swear I'm always the last one to figure this stuff out!!! Thanks for 411...again :)

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    maybe you can visit my blog, and we can follow each other:

  29. I only use Essence mascara. It's cheap and it looks good. xx

  30. Thank you for your comment! I follow you for sure ;)

    my fav mascara? Phenomen'Eyes by Givenchy!!

  31. Martwa Marta-- yup, it doesn't hurt to try especially since it's so affordable. :)

    Tayebug-- i should try that one too. :)

    Jammer-- thanks! :)

    Fashion Meets Food-- glad you liked it. :)

    Stylestance-- thanks for the tip! :)

    georgia~gigi-- awww, thank you! you're so sweet! :)

    Style Attic-- i really really want to try falsies. :)

    Effi-- sure! thanks for stopping by! :)

    knk-- thanks! :)

    Lucky Sixteen Blog-- :D

    Blanchine.-- you're welcome and thanks! :D

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  33. hey girl. im lookin forward to a pic of you wearing essence black mania. :D

  34. i had to get used to putting on mascara too! its so much different from clear mascara! what i think helps me is putting a mirror by my chin and looking down into the mirror to put on the mascara. you dont get as close to the top of your eye lid when you do it that way!

  35. I love mascara! it's my everday make-up:D

  36. My biggest mascara downfall is near the end of the day, when I accidentally start to rub my eyes and end up with black all over my face.
    so my tip: don't rub your eyes!

    Chic on the Cheap

  37. Fashion by He-- thanks! and i'll definitely visit your blog!

    maki-- haha, sure, maybe sometime soon i'll get to take a picture of myself. :)

    Shelley Ann-- thanks! that's a really great tip!

    Carrie-- i like it too, but i just have to practice more. haha!

    LyddieGal-- haha, i rub my eyes too! but i'll try not to do that that much anymore. ;)

  38. I love mascara! :)

    same here! I don't really wear make-up very often, but I do wear mascara, eyeliner, and blush when I go out!

    I usually use Sephora mascara although it's not the best.

    I need a new brand!

  39. Breee-- you should really try this! :D

  40. I hope this makes sense, but the best way to apply mascara and not getting it on your lid is to place a business card or stiff paper behind the lashes while sweeping the mascara thru the lashes. This technique will help coat the lashes better and avoid getting the mascara on your lid, instead getting it on the paper.
    I hope this helped. 8D

  41. Dizzy-- that is really helpful! thank you so much for that tip! :D