Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recent Purchase: Forever21 and H&M

Hi everyone! I was really planning to spend some time today visiting your blogs, but we suddenly decided to go out to lunch and then do a little bit of shopping. It was a tiring, but very fun day! I will definitely make a post about the clothes I bought today sometime this week or next week. Right now, I will share with you guys the stuff I bought from Forever21 and H&M this past Saturday.


I bought jean leggings (aka "jeggings") and a skirt from Forever21. :)

This one has an elastic waistband and really hugs your form. It is a bit tight. I am usually a medium, but with this I had to go with a large. It has a zipper at the bottom. It gives the look of skinny jeans with the flexibility of leggings. I bought it for $17.80.


I've been seeing a lot of this kind of skirt - in magazines and other blogs- and I am so excited to finally own one. I love how this is a stretch kind of skirt. You can adjust the length and pair it with almost anything, like a shirt or a tank top with a cardigan. It can be worn right now while it's summer, this fall (and even in the winter here in California) - I'm thinking with tights, ballet flats, a cute cardi, and a scarf. For $12.50, I think it is a very good buy. I actually want to go back sometime soon to buy other skirts like this.


I was trying to find something from Forever21 to pair with this, but somehow I couldn't find anything. Maybe it's because there are so many different clothes to choose from. Haha! So then we decided to check out H&M. Thank God we did, because I found three other items that completes one whole outfit. Another good thing about the items I bought is that I can also pair them with the clothes I already have to make up other outfits. :D


I think their new bag is really cute. ;)

I found this striped tank top priced at $5.95. I think it goes well with my skirt and I can definitely wear this with jeans or shorts.


For this Fall, once it gets a bit chilly at night, I'm going to have this cardigan ($12.95):


It's very loose, flowy, and comfy. I was originally hoping to find a blazer, but I didn't find any, and with this cardigan being priced reasonably, I was able to buy shoes too. :D

My sister found these for me. Isn't it amazing how well they go with the rest of the outfit? They seem to be very comfortable too. It's made out of cloth. It "blends" in and takes the shape of my feet. It feels like I'm not wearing shoes. Haha. I have yet to try and actually spend a day wearing them, but I love them so I'm really hoping they're as comfy as I think they are. These shoes are priced at $17.95.


What are your recent purchases?

I hope you all had a wonderful day! :)


  1. I love my jeggings Mimi! You'll become addicted in the Fall/Winter! That skirt and tank are so cute too!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  2. Vivian-- i can tell that i will, indeed, be addicted to these jeggings. :D

  3. I love denim leggings! Comfy but stylish! (or stylish but comfy??)

  4. Hello! Good purchases))) I too have bought some pairs of footwear, a fabric for a dress and accessories! Later I will show the purchases)))
    Happy day...

  5. Hey! Love the skirt and Cardigan :-) All my recent purchases are on my blog haha but I have been buying way to many tops so I have now put a shopping ban on myself for aa while! Sarah..0x

  6. cute clothes you bought there, mimi. :) i especially love the skirt, cardigan, and jeggings. i've been wanting to buy jeggings. maybe i should get them already. they look so cool. :)

    the pieces you picked out look comfortable and they will go with any outfit. good choices there. take care. :)

  7. very cute finds!

  8. I picked up a pair of jeggings from F21 a couple months ago. They're so comfy. Totally love them.

    xx Love & Aloha
    *Swing by to enter my Wendy Mink Jewelry Giveaway!

  9. Cute stuff---I haven't ventured over to the world of Jeggings but I love them on other people! cute stuff


  10. How do the jeggings fit? Maybe I should go try some from f21!
    I got great jeans there a few months ago that fit really well!


  11. Great picks! I really like everything you bought!


  12. Very cute haul! I need to get some Jeggings too!! Hmm....now I wanna go shopping! HA!!

  13. Those shoes are perfect for the attire! Your sis is awesome.


  14. Cafe Bellini-- hahah, both? ;)

    AnnaMoon-- yay, i'm excited to see them. :)

    Sarahhh.Fashion-- haha, i do that too. i've been buying way too many headbands so i have to put a ban on them. haha. ;)

    Jannie-- i think it's good to have at least one pair of jeggings. take care too! :)

    jenna-- :D

    sharonlei-- they're great! :D

    Mere-- i'm pretty sure you'll love them on you too. :)

    Nikki-- they fit really tight. i suggest trying them on before buying them to be sure they're a perfect fit. :)

    Kasia_B-- :D

    Jackee-- haha, shopping is so fun! :)

    Rachael-- yup, she is! :)

  15. we already have f21 here. wish we got h&m too.

  16. Great shopping doll! I need to hit up H&M soon! xoxo

  17. maki-- i hope h&m opens one up there soon! :)

    Taj Acosta-- i'm sure you'll find a lot of cute stuff at h&m! :D

  18. Thanks for the follow :) Those are lovely buys. I am really excited for the h&m online store that is about to open up! I am following!

  19. Katastrophic-- you're welcome! thanks for following too! :D

  20. cute stuffs! though I can't see a couple of pictures :( i'm sure they're all great pieces though! lol & I absolutely love H&M :)


  21. these are such good finds. i really like the skirt and the cardigan. really really cute:D


  22. thanks for your comment. (:

    like all this things you've post.<3

  23. fabulous finds! I havent bought anything for me lately I had to buy the boy a super expensive wedding present. xo

  24. Great jeggings! I'm not brave enough to wear them! Super finds, I love Forever 21! XO!

  25. Cool finds. I havent tried Jeggins but they do look comfy and stylish! Thanks for the post...also, I'm a new follower, hope you can stop by my blog and maybe follow back!!?

  26. i really like those simple black sneakers!


  27. Hi Mimi! Thanks for stopping by to enter my giveaway! I am a new follower of your fab blog.

    Love that skirt and the whole outfit! You are such a bargain shopper :)

    -Sunshine and Summertime

  28. :) I picked up that exact same tank last weekend !! I'm on a sailor tops kick.



  29. I should get myself some jeggings, too!

    & lovely cardigan! I love cardigans ^^

    I tagged you on my blog: http://gabysbeautyblog.blogspot.com/2010/07/8-questions-tag.html


  30. Smart and chic.:D

    I love shopping for outfits too, it's a must for me to find & buy at least one whole outfit every shopping trip!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  31. Oh goodness you have such awesome H&M purchases, I love them all!

    Following you for more! :)

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  33. I love the skirt you got! So cute!

  34. Jeggings!!! They became popular when I was living in France a few months ago. I bought black denim ones at Zara and basically lived in them. They're perrrfect to wear with boots and great for travel!!

  35. Those are really great pieces to add to your wardrobe. I love the skirt especially. You can just do so much with it!

  36. Don't you just LOVE F21?? Just wish they had a credit card! I'd be there every day ;-)

  37. great buys! the skirt and tank will look so great together!
    I brought home a pair of white jeans and turquoise pumps the other day.

    Chic on the Cheap

  38. Lily-- aw, i don't know why you weren't able to see some pics. :/

    Carrie-- thanks! i'm glad you liked them! :)

    Linda-- you're welcome! :)

    Fashion Meets Food-- aww, i'm sure he's gonna love it! :D

    shari-- i'm sure you can pull it off! :)

    Arie-- thanks for following! :)

    Jade "Purple" Brown-- :D

    Sunshine and Summertime-- you're welcome and thanks too for following back! i really like your blog! :)

    Eva-- it's just so cute and affordable! :)

    Gaby-- thanks for the tag! :D

    Marie-- it's a really good way to shop! :D

    Susie-- i love it too! :)

    Tamana A. Shaikh-- thanks for following! :D

    CGBlogger-- thanks for letting me know about that! :)

    Leenda-- :D

    Jillian-- i'm so excited to wear them with boots! :)

    Lisa-- yup! i'm excited to see what i can do with it. :)

    Jen-- i totally love it! :D

    LyddieGal-- turquoise pumps sound really pretty! :)

  39. You totally scored! I want too see the outfit you pair with those leggings :) I have recently been antique jewelry shopping, tiring, but oh what fun!

  40. Style Attic-- i will definitely share the clothes i'm gonna pair with these jeggings here on my blog. and yup, shopping is tiring but definitely fun! :)

  41. The skirt and the skinny jeans are very cute! Perfect outfit for morning till evening!

  42. I would just like to add that the skirt is glorious! I'd eagerly add that to my wardrobe!


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  43. Gah! What gorgeous purchases! Denim leggings are the absolute best! Hmmm...my most recent purchase was a pair of Steve Madden Boots from the Nordie sale. I can't wait for them to arrive!! :)

  44. I love the striped tank top for summer! Great buy!


  45. meraldia-- yup, you're totally right! :)

    Zabrinah-- aww, thanks! :)

    Erika-- that sounds like such a good buy! i'm excited to see it on your blog! :)

    Martha-- thanks! and yup, it's perfect for the summer. :)

  46. I love my jeggings too! They're super cute on with a long cardigan! The bodycon skirt from forever 21 is adorable, I have a few and I love wearing them with pumps for nights out =)

  47. Really, H&M is one of my favourite shop. BTW, i have that black cardigan too! im a new follower, im inlove with your blog already!


  48. I have the same jeggings and tank top! :) haha

    I love the sneakers! I want one!

    I also love the H&M plastic!

    it's made up of recycled materials! go nature!


  49. i love Forever21!
    check out my giveaway: http://sassyagapi.blogspot.com/2010/07/giveaway-coastal-scents.html

  50. alexa p.-- i should get myself some pumps. :)

    shineyglam-- thanks for following!!! :)

    Breee-- everyone's been getting them! ;)

    SassyAgapi-- i love it too! thanks for letting me know about your giveaway! :D

  51. Oooohh,you have nice blog,I really like it! And I like those clothes too,everyone look so nice,and I really like that top with sripes:)

  52. And now I am your newest follower:)

  53. Oh great finds. What a fashionista. Jeggings are on my list of items to buy too. Hopefully I can find one that suits me soon. =)

  54. Lovely purchases! I love those shoes! And the H&M bag is really cute!!

    <3 Kelly

  55. Mundiiiiiis-- thank you! :D

    ChinkyGirLMeL-- i'm sure you'll find one soon! :)

    Kelly-- they're so cute, huh?! :D

  56. I have the same cardigan! Same color and everything. it's so perfect even for cooler summer nights! H&M is pretty much my entire wardrobe. so fun.

  57. Daisy-- yup, that cardigan is perfect! :D

  58. Cute Stuff!
    I'm in love with the shoes. 8D