Monday, July 19, 2010

Food: Stonefire Grill

It's another week, my dear friends! Happy Monday!

For the past few days, I have been raving about the beauty products I got for my birthday. I have quite a lot more to use and review, so I am very excited about that. But to change things up a bit, I thought I'd share with you this restaurant my family and I love to go to.

It's called Stonefire Grill.

"...a unique, casual dining restaurant with a distinct, innovative menu created using the finest, freshest ingredients."

"Our menu is highlighted with our mesquite grilled tri tip, chicken and ribs and our lemon garlic chicken and pepper garlic tri tip topped with gorgonzola butter. All of our meats are slowly cooked over night and finished on our mesquite grill or our intense heat broiler."

We love this restaurant because it's very laid back and casual - true Southern California style. The food is delicious. Very affordable. Family style dining.

It's perfect for when Mom doesn't want to cook or when we just want to eat out but not spend too much. This is also a perfect place for when my friends and I just want to hang out and eat. :D

We always order "Stonefire's Favorite". For $59.99 you get one whole chicken (either barbecue or lemon garlic or half/half), one whole tri tip or a full slab of ribs, one 16" 2-topping pizza or two large sides, one large salad (Caesar, Garden, Greek, or Cartwheel), and 18 breadsticks.

We chose Caesar Salad.

The breadsticks are delicious. One of the best! :)

We chose a full slab of ribs and lemon garlic chicken. This is a picture of my plate. :)

Lemon garlic chicken = super yummy!

We chose to get the pizza over the two large sides for my vegetarian sister. She ordered, what else, the vegetarian pizza. Hahaha. ;)

This pizza has more than two toppings so we had to pay a couple more. All in all - all that food and soda - we paid about $70+. Not bad. Actually it's really great because there were 6 of us, and we still had some food left over to eat for lunch the next day. :D

What is your "go-to" restaurant?

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  1. Okay so now I'm starving. This food looks amazing!

    I actually don't have a go-to restaurant - I really should change that! :)

  2. Erika-- i'm starving too and i want to go to stonefire and eat. haha. ;)

  3. Oh dear, this made me crazy hungry. That chicken looks fabulous

  4. ooh stone fire!! i love this place!! we love ordering here for parties!! yum yum :)

  5. Mimi!! My mouth is watering. Holy moly!!

  6. Liza-- that chicken really is fab! :D

    augustalolita-- yup, they're great for parties as well! :)

    Julie-- awww, haha. mine is watering too. ;)

  7. i love stonefire. it's so delicious!

  8. I love stonefire - the food is amazing!!! and these images are gorgeous.. Just stopping by to say hello.. Stop by sometime...


  9. It all looks so yummy:))

  10. Thanks for sharing!

    That food looks so delicious, especially the pizza. :-)

  11. That sounds like quite the feast!!

    My go-to restaurant would have to be a local Chinese place that makes my special meal, broccoli, baby corn and water chestnuts in brown sauce.

    Chic on the Cheap

  12. This place looks good! And the food looks so yummy!

  13. Carrie-- totally! :)

    Kiki-- thanks for stopping by! :D

    minnja-- :D

    Emy-- no prob! it was my pleasure to share! :)

    LyddieGal-- yummm, that sounds really delicious. :)

    Dizzy-- it's sooo yummy! :)

  14. Oh my goodness that looks yummy. Lemon garlic chicken sounds wonderful. And gorgonzola butter? Wow!

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  16. Ohhh that looks amazing!


  17. this food looks delicious!!

    visit/follow me :}

  18. That pizza looks INCREDIBLE!!!! =) Like really, really good!!

    I like sushi a lot, so I like a nearby place for take out sushi. It usually isn't that expensive for a quick fix, but for a full sit down meal it can be pricey.

  19. Cafe Bellini-- i knoow, gorgonzola butter just makes my mouth water. haha. :)

    Josh-- thanks for this info! :)

    Nikki-- it really is! :D

    Diana-- i know, right?? :D

    Lisa-- i love sushi and japanese food too! we have one near here that we love to order from. :)

  20. mmm this food looks amazing!

  21. jenna-- it's super amazing! :)

  22. lemon garlic chicken... yumyumyum!!!

  23. omg I want to eat that food now !! :)

  24. All this food looks good! Thanks for commenting on my blog :)

  25. Vivian-- it's really yummy! :)

    shari-- yeah, i'm not sure why it's only here in southern california.

    Fatima-- me too! :)

    Alee-- you're welcome! thanks for stopping by! :)

  26. wow I want that ceasar salad now! hahah :)

  27. All look so delicious! I totally understand why you visit this restaurant so often!!

  28. This looks so so so nice...Great post& Blog of course! Sarah..0x

  29. almost famous-- haha. :D

    meraldia-- yeah, it's a really good restaurant. :)

    Sarahhh.Fashion-- thank you!!! :)

  30. Never went to that restaurant, but looks so yummy!

  31. I want pizza now for lunch. It looks delish!

    xo marcie

  32. mm looks delisiousssss

    im a new fan/follower of ur blog♥

  33. lovedfromthestart-- i hope you get to try it sometime. :)

    Marcie-- :D

    Anya-- thanks!!! :D

  34. and now I'm hungry!:p

  35. Kasia-- haha, same here! :D

  36. I like the lemon garlic chicken, so goooood!:D

    My go-to restaurant for the past two months would be Gyu-Kaku!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  37. Marie-- yumm, gyu-kaku is good! :D