Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Homemade Bread!

I hope everyone had a good day today!

In one of my posts from last week, I mentioned that I baked bread "kind of from scratch". My Mom and I bought this pre-packaged bread mix from our local 99cents store. The flour mixture has already been measured and all ready to go. There is also a packet of yeast included in the box. You just need to add egg, butter, and water.

I call it "kind of from scratch" because even if it came from a box, the method used to make the bread is definitely like making it from scratch. You have to knead the dough (it gets really really sticky). Then you have to cover it with a wet towel and leave it to rise for an hour. After an hour, you have to knead it again and cut the dough into balls. And then, you have to wait for it to rise a bit more before you can actually bake it.

Takes so much work, huh? Yup, that's what I thought. But nevertheless, it was fun. And oh my, did it smell great! Our house smelled like freshly made bread. I loved it!

My Mom said that they came out close to scones. We ate them with butter and strawberry jam. Yum! My brother (a peanut butter lover) ate it with, what else, peanut butter. Haha. :D

The box also has instructions on how to use the flour mixture to make cinnamon rolls. I'm definitely trying that next time. :)

Have you ever tried baking your own bread?


  1. I've never tried baking my own bread, but those sure look good!

  2. That's nice!:D

    You are making me hungry, Mimi!:D No carbs for me tonight!:D

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    & Life According to Marie.

  3. Leenda-- it was fun! :D

    Marie-- haha, me too. i made sure to eat before 6. ;)

  4. Mmmm, rolls and jam. That sounds absolutely delicious.

  5. cool! i'm sure it tasted great:D

  6. They look gorgeous! I've made bread a few times when I was at school (not from the packet though from scratch) and I agree its hard work but soo much fun the smell is amazing! :) Im deffo going to have to make some soon after reading this !!

  7. Carrie-- :D

    Nicola-x-- oooh, i really want to try making it from scratch. :D

  8. mmm cinnamon rolls. delicious!

    your bread looks super tasty too :)

  9. oh, how i wish i can bake. i remember trying to bake cookies (with relatives) a LONG time ago. i haven't tried baking bread yet.

    awesome job you and your mom did on baking your own bread. it looks really yummy. i would love to try it with strawberry jam or peanut butter anytime. even nutella will work too. :D now i'm getting hungry. hehehe... :D

  10. yummmmmmmm :)
    i have to avoid gluten so i´ve been baking a lot of bread on my own using special flour and stuff.

    thank you so much for checking ouit my blog :)

    love from germany!!

  11. those look delish!! im soooo hungry now!! :] love your blog!


  12. ohh that sounds fun! I'm so trying this next time tks for sharing :D

  13. I bake my own bread:) I love it:) This looks delicious. Yumm:)

  14. Wow! That bread looks yummy!

  15. I LOVE fresh baked bread, but if I made it, I would eat every single piece(and weigh 300lbs!). So, I refrain from making it or going to bakeries. A girl has to fit in her wardrobe!!

  16. just found your blog and I love it! I have never tried making my own bread, I am so scared it would come out BADLY!

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    XO Lynzy

  17. Shelley Ann-- cinnamon rolls sound sooo good right now. :)

    Jannie-- aaah, nutella! i love nutella. :)

    Anni-- that is soo cool! :)

    Louela Daniela-- thanks! :)

    Frances-- no prob! :)

    pelininstyle-- it's so cool to know that there are really some people that bake their own bread. :)

    Emy-- :D

    Sandra-- i hope you get to try it! :)

    Tayebug-- hahahah, so true! ;)

    Lynzy-- aww, i'm sure you can bake bread too. thanks for stopping by! :)

  18. Great Job! It looked delicious!
    I’m too lazy to make bread, so I have a bread making machine, where you put all the ingredients in it and it will mix it, knead it, and bake it for me.

  19. Hi, I love your blog, if you follow mine I'll follow you!

  20. I bake my own bread too and LOVE the smell. There is nothing like the smell of fresh baked bread! Yum now your making me want some!

    Cheers, Jesa :)

  21. Oh they look good! I love warm bread!

  22. Oh yummi, they look really good! I like...


  23. Dizzy-- wow, a bread making machine? that sounds really cool! :)

    alexandra789-- thanks for stopping by! :)

    Jesa-- i totally agree! it makes all the hard work worth it. :)

    LyddieGal-- they do! :)

    georgia~gigi-- :D

    Sarina-- thanks! :)

  24. ahhh, yes! hot fresh bread tastes so amazing :) looks so yummy! hehe, like your brother, i'm a peanut butter addict <3

  25. CHANTELLE-- i love freshly baked bread. and i love peanut butter too! :D

  26. Homemade bread is soooooo good. I don't even care if I'm on a diet. BREAD IS A NECESSITY. Maybe it's just the Italian in me that enjoys carbs so much and refuses to give them up. looks yummy!

  27. Marie-- hahah, i totally agree! :D

  28. love scones :D

    looks yummy!


  29. That looks amazing! I wish I could also bake/cook but unfortunately I am a one trick pony(fashion).

    Thanks for the comments on my blog!
    Stacey Kay
    "Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration"

  30. Stacey Kay-- you're welcome! thanks for stopping by! :D