Thursday, November 22, 2012

Style Watch: Fall's Top Trends

Hey, guys!
Two posts in one day?! I love holidays, haha! ;)

It's Black Friday and a lot of us are probably gonna go shopping tomorrow, so just in case you need to brush up on the season's new trends, here is a recap:

Style Watch 2012: Fall's Top Trends
Leather! Pencil skirts! Menswear-inspired suits! Oxblood!
Wake up your wardrobe with fresh twists on classic styles.

LEATHER - Real or faux, tailored or ultra-feminine, it's a new staple in neutrals, jewel tones, or metallics.

BLACK & BLUE - This surprising color combination -- black with cerulean, royal, or navy -- makes a big impact in a complete outfit or in small doses.

MENSWEAR - Keep the look modern, accessible, and feminine by choosing the most figure-flattering silhouettes.

OXBLOOD - Or call it deep red, burgundy, or wine. This sophisticated color works beautifully with black, winter white, camel, or heather gray.

PENCIL SKIRTS & PUMPS - This flattering, ladylike combination works for every figure, every age, and almost every occasion.

BUDGET-FRIENDLY BUYS - Everything's under $50! Colored denims, cute dresses, and more -- enjoy these trends without breaking the bank.

I am loving Black & Blue and Oxblood!

What about you guys -- which of these trends are on your list?
Any shopping plans?

Have a happy Friday!!! :D


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  1. hey!
    Nice compilations!
    the first suit you best!
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    Thank you!

  2. I love your blog. Nice post.
    Visit my blog.

    fallow xo xo

  3. Love the leather trend! so many pieces I want!!

    1. same here, i kinda want everything, haha! ;)

  4. Omg, I love the black and blue trend! I love the menswear trend too but I don't think I can ever pull it off. Have a great weekend!

    xo Jo

  5. I've been in love with the leather trend for a while now. I need to invest in a great piece. And who doesn't love budget friendly pieces?! Great post!

    1. me too, i want to buy a nice leather jacket. ;)

  6. Wonderful post! You have an amazing blog :)

    I definitely follow you...would you like to follow each other?

    xoxo from Italy :)

    1. thank you, nancy! and yes, sure! :)

  7. another color I've seen a lot of is a kind of fuschia-y purple. I can't get enough!

  8. I think leather is my current obsession! Can't get enough of it, lol!

    1. i need some leather pieces... perhaps a leather jacket? ;)

  9. LOVE the leather trend! Sleek, sexy, and edgy!