Monday, October 4, 2010

Cold Monday and Potato Chips

Happy Monday, everyone!

Is it weird that cold and gloomy days (with a bit of rain) make me kind of happy? Maybe it's because we are so used to having sunny days here in LA that days like this


and this


are exciting - it's so different.

Those pictures were taken today, and right now my Mom is making yummy cold weather food.

Current temperature: between 58 and 61 degrees fahrenheit. Cold for LA standards. ;)

Anyone with me on liking gloomy days? How's the weather where you live?

Another indication that Fall is indeed here:


Pumpkins! :D

On days like this, it'd be nice to spend the day hanging out with your family or friends, watching movies, cuddled up on the couch with a blanket, eating... *sigh* If only we don't have to go to work, or school, or do stuff around the house. *sigh*

But anyways, besides popcorn, I think chips are good munchies when watching TV. Here are potato chips that my siblings and I love to eat.




We get these from our local grocery store for 99cents! CostPlus World Market has them too, but I think they sell it at around $2.

What is your favorite potato chips? Brand, flavor, etc.

Have a great week, my dear friends! :D


  1. I know Mimi, what is up with the weather here? It was hot just last week and now it's rainy and quite cold! I like it though, at least for now ;)

  2. I like Kettle chips. :D Omigosh Mimi! It's so chilly right now. I've got my slipper socks on since it's so nappy. I go to Food 4 Less also! :)

  3. It is getting colder here (tx) but still lots of sun. I'd love to eat some Kettle Cooked Salt & Vinegar chips right about...NOW! I just had 2 double chocolate cookies.

  4. My favorite is Lays potato chips! Haha...however we do have some local brands which are pretty good as well.


  5. Yay - some much needed rain (finally!) =)

    those potato chips look delish - my favorite is Kettle brand Spicy Thai flavor. If you're into the spicy/sweet combo , I would recommend it to you!

  6. Beautygirl24-- i knooow, weather is so crazy! last week there's a heat wave, now it's cooold! crazy crazy. ;)

    Toni-- food 4 less is awesome! haha. and yup, it's really cold. haha. ;)

    BottledBeauty-- oooh, cookies sound yummy right now. ;)

    Charming Vanity-- of course, lays is a favorite of mine too. :)

    Alexa-- yes, we really do need the rain! ooh, i think my sister is going to love that flavor. thanks for sharing that! :)

  7. When i lived in Arizona I loved it when it rained since it hardly ever rained there!
    * Lynnette

  8. Cost Plus World Market always charges more for everything... they look yummy though :-D

  9. Unfortunately, I love any and all potato chips.

  10. Lynnette-- yay, i'm not alone in loving rain! haha. ;)

    Keirasluckycharm-- haha, yeah, that's true!

    Moogie-- haha, they're all good. :)

  11. Hey Mimi Girl!
    It was sunny and nice, not sure what the temp was in Iowa! Little crisp!
    Fave chip, hm, I love Sunchips and Dill pickle!
    gi gi

  12. I love the weather, I spent the whole day in bed! The hot weather last week got me sick.

    I love anything sour cream & onion!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  13. I'm not really a fan of gloomy days but after the scorching summer we had, I am definitely appreciating the rain and the cold! haha

    actually, I'm not a fan of any chips at all! haha but sometimes I do have a craving and I like the Old dutch kettle cook in vinegar flavor haha or doritos the cheese one. :D

  14. Oh I love sour cream and onion crisps, cheese and chive, sour cream and cheese...

    I used to like that kind of gloomy weather too but now that I have to drive I just worry about the impending heavy rain showers, ice and snow that I do not want to have to drive in. Here it's been mostly sunny and crip lately with some gloomy days.

  15. We have the weirdest weather. It's October already but it feels like Summer here, I hate it! I'm not wishing for typhoons but a little rain won't hurt. Must be climate change.

  16. It's starting to get really cold here, too D:

    But at least you have yummy potato chips!

  17. Oh I had no idea it got that cold there! I'm in Wisconsin and that's a normal fall day! (Actually, I visited Southern California for the first time this past summer and it was actually cooler there than it was in Wisconsin - we get so much humidity.)

    I love seeing photos of fall! It makes me so excited to cozy up inside!

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  18. hmm i like both kettle ships and pringles!
    the weather here is crazy
    sometimes it;s burning hot , sometimes it's raining heavily!

  19. It was only 45 here in PA so I decided to go out shopping for a new jacket. I mean really who wouldn't in temps like that. lol


  20. I love Stacy's Pita Chips. They are good in all flavors!
    I think it is so funny that potato chips are your cold weather food!! =) So cute!

  21. I don't know why, but I can only see the first picture :( But I guess I get the idea lol
    If you like cold and gloomy days, you should come visit Germany :) Cold and gloomy all year I'm so sick of it :D

    As of chips: I like all chips vinegar -flavored ...YUM :)


  22. I like salt and vinegar but sour cream and onion sounds good, just like the Pringles I love! Ok, I would love to trade places with you and "enjoy" a gloomy day - we have too many of those over here! I want sunshine! And when I get it, I blog about it haha (

  23. Ooh, yayay for pumpkins! I haven't seen any yet myself; but I'm hoping to spot a few this weekend in the shops!! :)

  24. It's gloomy where I am too. Makes me want to curl up on the couch in my pajama's, watch movies and drink hot chocolate!

    My favorite chips are Pringle's sour cream and onion. I love Cheeto's too. Now I'm hungry just thinking of chips!

  25. I love that shot of the pumpkins! yay it's time for fall!!

  26. I've never heard of Dirty potato chips! How fun! lol

  27. Absouletely cold here! =[ I wish i was at a sunny place right now!! Have a week too!! xx

  28. Absouletely cold here! =[ I wish i was at a sunny place right now!! Have a week too!! xx

  29. Nope, I've had day after day of gloomy grey skies and I've had enough!

    If I could stay in my pjs drinking mochas and watching movies, maybe I wouldn't mind, but getting dressed and going out is hard!

    Chic on the Cheap

  30. I'm a total hot and sunny kind of girl, however...b/c I soak that weather up, I actually do enjoy overcast, gloomy, rainy days that almost make your internal clock slow down!! I completely get it :)

  31. gi gi-- i love sunchips too!

    Marie-- i want to spend a whole day in bed too!

    Em-- yup, i definitely appreciate the cold weather too!

    Laura-- oh yeah, that is definitely true about having to be careful when driving in the rain.

    Dianne-- wow, really? last week it felt like summer here too, and now it's cold! yup, climate change.

    wuguimei-- yup!

    Jessica-- wow, i really didn't know that! i hope you had a fantastic time here!

    fhen-- aaah, weather is crazy!

    Fashion Meets Food-- oh yeah, definitely, we need to buy a jacket!

    Lisa-- haha, thanks!

    Caroleena-- aw, haha, i want to visit germany!

    Cafe Bellini-- haha, hope you can come visit LA soon!

    Erika-- yup, they are starting to show up in markets!

    Marie-- aahh, yes, hot chocolate is perfect!

    Krystal-- :D

    Taj-- yes it is! haha.

    Tasha-- these are really good!

    xWHLo-- haha, i'm happy it's cold now, it was sooo hot!

    LyddieGal-- yeah, it's true, it's hard to go out when it's raining.

    Kelly-- ah, yes, same here!

  32. Mmm the packaging makes the chips look good! I literally just had Doritos and came across your blog!

  33. Miss E-- haha, that's so funny! thanks for dropping by!

  34. i love rainy, gloomy days when i'm in the house, just hanging out. But i totally hate it when i have to go out and it's pouring rain! like today. grrr!


  35. Carrie-- haha, yeah, i'm with you on that one!

  36. I absolutely love cold weather! perfect cuddling weather ;)

    I love potato chips, but I feel so guilty when I eat them! hahha


  37. Bree-- yes to everything you said! ;)