Saturday, October 2, 2010

Travel Destination: Los Angeles, California! :D

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! :D

The last time we took a trip through my blog, we went to Paris. Today, let's go around my beloved Los Angeles. :D

Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the United States.

It means "the angels" in Spanish.

the Hollywood sign

It is also called "The Entertainment Capital of the World".

downtown LA in the morning

the city at night

Why don't we start with shopping? :D

There are so many places to shop at here in LA.
Let's go to The Grove - here you can walk around, check out the shops and go shopping, catch a movie, eat... we might even be lucky enough to be there on the same day as Katie Holmes and Suri, or Victoria Beckham and her boys. ;)

Then we can hop on the trolley and go to the Farmers Market.

Let's go eat some yummy crepes! And buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

There are also many other Farmers Market all over LA.

This next picture is of the one in Northridge. Here they sell tons of fresh produce, yummy Italian ice, kabobs, kettle corn (my favorite!), handmade soaps, bags, watches... you can even go wall climbing. Kids will also enjoy riding the ponies. One time, I even saw a llama. :D

Jennifer Garner and her girls love to visit their local Farmers Market.

Most Farmers Markets that I know of are held next to or near a mall. After walking around there, we can then go inside the mall - cool off, look around, and shop some more. :D

the Westfield Topanga Mall

Feel like dressing up and getting all dolled up? Let's dress up for a day of walking around Rodeo Drive.

The shops there are divine! But of course, almost everything there costs a lot. But nothing's going to stop us from hitting Rodeo Drive and going window shopping, right? ;)

If you are looking for some cheap finds though, I suggest going to downtown LA's Fashion District. Here you can find tons of affordable clothes, shoes, bags, etc.

If you want to go there, I suggest getting there somewhat early because parking is really difficult. If possible, take someone who really knows the place by heart with you because you might not remember where you parked, or worse you might get lost. Dress comfortably, and don't wear your new shoes or bag or clothes because the place isn't the cleanest in the world. And, I must also warn you about the restrooms, yeah, they are not very clean either, so I suggest that you don't drink much while you're there.

But other than all of that, this place is a shopper's paradise. I was able to buy sandals sold in the malls at $35 for only $10. We saw some Ed Hardy bags regularly sold between $200 and $300 being sold for $50.

Besides shopping, we can also go to a concert. Hollywood Bowl, anyone?

The last time I went there was over a year ago - my friends and I went to see Adele perform.

It's a really laidback place. There are seats for everyone. We went during the summer, and even though it was an open area, it wasn't hot. It even got chilly as night came.

You can bring food and have a picnic there. Just be careful and patient because there might be some tipsy or just plain drunk people who drank way too much beer or wine. Haha. But other than that, it was a fun experience.

*They actually recently performed Rent at the Hollywood Bowl.*

You can also visit museums while you're here. There's The Griffith Observatory, The Museum of Tolerance, California Science Center, The Norton Simon Museum, and The Getty Center to name a few.

The Getty Center (view from the freeway)

Then, let's hit Hollywood and Highland.

The Kodak Theatre

The Kodak Theatre Mall (they have a big Forever21!)

Across from Kodak is Grauman's Chinese Theater.

Here you can see hand/feet (or shoe?) prints of different actors and actresses. (Can you see Spiderman in the photo? Haha.)

Haha, sorry, I just had to use their photo! ;)

We can also walk around The Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Cameron Diaz

Matt Damon

Do you want to spend some time walking around the Santa Monica Pier?

Or drive along the Pacific Coast Highway and find the perfect beach spot?

Other places we can go to:

The Staples Center

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

The Walt Disney Concert Hall

These next places are places that we absolutely have to go to!


California Adventure

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal City Walk

As for food, there are so mannnnyyyyy restaurants to choose from. There's Nobu, Geisha House, Ketchup, The Stinking Rose, The Ivy... There are also regular favorites like Olive Garden, Applebee's, Stonefire Grill, P.F. Chang's, Maggiano's... There are also a lotttt of cute eateries and restaurants around... And fastfood, of course!

An In n' Out Double Double Burger, fries, and milkshake.

If you want to work off the pounds we gained from all that eating, LA also offers many hiking trails - with gorgeous views of the city.

Another thing I heard some people do is buy "Star Maps" to see where the stars live. I haven't really tried that so I can't really say how that will go. It sounds kind of fun though. ;)

If you like to go clubbing, there are a lot of clubs here in LA. Unfortunately though, I'm really not the person to ask for clubbing info. I only know of Le Deux and Area from watching The Hills, haha! ;)

There are so many things we can do and places we can visit while here in LA. I really can't fit all of that in one post.

Have you been to Los Angeles, or are you a fellow LA girl like me? Where do you like to go to the most?

Please share other places/activities I wasn't able to mention. :D

Oh, and one last thing: Don't be at the 405 at 4:05! ;P


Have a restful Sunday, everyone!

*images (except two) are all from Google*


  1. great post! I really want to go to LA someday! :)

  2. Awesome post mimi! We totally frequent the Topanga Mall too - it's arguably the nicest mall in the SFV :) I also love Santa Monica Place and Century City malls!

    I went to the stinking rose for a friends bday dinner -- the garlic ice cream was interesting, but definitely not my favorite, haha

  3. I've been to LA a few times. I've done/seen a fraction of all the exciting things you've mention here!! I would love to take another trip there someday... I'll be sure to contact you if I ever do. VERY well put together post. I like it summed up and tied in a trendy bow :) XO, Kelly

  4. Wow! L.A is sucha beautiful place! if I'm gonna go and walk around the Hollywood walk of fame, I'll spend the whole day stepping and kissing Matt Damon's star haha

  5. HAHA i love this post. I am a LA girl for 20 years already and i've been to all places mentioned. Now a new trendy place lately has been THE AMERICANA in Glendale right in front of the Glendale Galleria. I go to Topanga Mall a lot. I love the Grove and my husband likes Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga. <3 Great post!

  6. Thanks for taking me on a wonderful tour of LA. What a fun place to be! My sister-in-law moved there two months ago and is starting a career in Hollywood, perhaps I'll get to go see her one day.

  7. I live so close to the Topanga mall. :)) I haven't been to downtown LA since I'm in the Valley.

    Hollywood looks so fabulous on TV and in pictures but once you're there, you'll be shocked by how tiny and dense it is. I still love it though! I'm hoping that the weather begins to cool down soon!

  8. awww i really want to go to La >< and see walk of fame :D

  9. i've been to LA once...but it was 5 years ago but i can't remember much >:(
    haha. but this looks AMAZING. i'm jealous. i wanna go. like now.

    oh. and u follow my blog (listenthenspeak) but i've changed it to:
    check it out?

  10. A La Moda-- thanks! i hope you get to visit soon!

    Alexa-- yes, it is definitely THE best mall in the valley. no doubt about that. haha. i love that mall. and i actually want to taste garlic ice cream. ;)

    Kelly-- yes, definitely contact me whenever you're coming to visit LA!

    Em-- haha, that made me laugh! but please don't do that, that place can be reallllyyy filthy! haha. ;P

    Keirasluckycharm-- yes, the americana! :D

    Nelah-- you're welcome, i'm really glad you enjoyed it! :D

    Toni-- that is so true about hollywood! haha. ;)

    ipehishere-- i really hope you get to come here soon!

    :)-- oh yeah, i will definitely check out your new blog!

  11. I was just in LA last Friday. Haha!! I've been to LA a couple of times within that last couple of years, and I have been to about half of the places you wrote about. I actually went to The Grove and The Farmers Market for the first time last Friday, though. I LOVE walking up and down Rodeo Drive. You are right about everything being expensive there, but it is nice just to think for a day that you can afford all the designer items. Usually when I am on Rodeo Drive, I eat at the restaurant 208 Rodeo. I don't know if any of have eaten there, but I enjoy eating the food. And YES... don't be on the freeway in the afternoon. That is usually when the really bad traffic is.

    Thanks for a great post Mimi!

  12. LA!!!! Grreat post! I enjoyed the photos!!! :))

  13. hahah - as an OC girl I feel like I should take a staycation and visit more places in L.A.! But ugh - the 405!

    xx Vivian @

  14. Wow Mimi,thank you for this post. My bf and I plan to go to LA next year in May and I´m looking for some insider tips all the time. I just printed your post and now it´s part of my where to go in LA book :)


  15. Thanks for such a detailed tour :-) I want to go to LA some day!

  16. Great post, I really like it! The photos too, they're awesome=D

  17. I haven't been there, isn't that crazy! Looks like I need to... :) great article on it!!

  18. Beautiful pictures. I would do some serious damage to my wallet if I were there right now. lol. :)

  19. I've been to LA 10 (!!!) years ago ... We did the *see where the celebrities live*-Tour, but the only one I remember, we supposedly passed his house by, is Nicolas Cage :D

    I'm sure a lot has changed since then, great post!! Brings back good memories!


  20. Ah, I so adore you for this post, Mimi! Los Angeles at Christmastime is the best - it makes me think of that song by Hilary Duff..."When the Snow Comes Down in Tinseltown." :P

  21. I LOVE LA. I've been 5 times and never once have I been bored! Love your blog by the way. Will be following :)

  22. ommggg i would loveee to go to LA one day!!! =[ x

  23. Great post! You're so lucky to live in such an exciting city with so much to see and do! Not to mention the warm weather you get, I'm so jealous!

  24. ha ha i live in LA and hate the traffic!!
    nice pictures i love them all...


  25. great post.I hope I will visit LA someday

  26. Thanks so much for your comment and for following my blog :)
    Great report on L.A. - if I ever get there, I will follow your advices for sure :)


  27. Awww, I have only been to LA once but clearly I need to go back! Great pics! XX!

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  29. oh gosh.
    i recently moved to las vegas from LA and this entry totally made me miss the city so badly!

  30. Love these posts, so fun! Just wanted to let you know I left you an award on my post today! :)

  31. One fine day I will visit LA! :D Love the photos.

  32. Happy Monday Mimi Girl! I am a little behind on visiting :(
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
    I have never been to LA or Cali! I hope to someday!
    This was a great spread, really enjoyed it!
    gi gi

  33. What a great post my dear...I am totally feeling the LA vibe right now:)

  34. i LOVE your travel posts! they always make me want to be there now and this one is no different! it would be awesome to be able to walk around LA. oh i want to go soon!

  35. As a fellow LA gal, I adore this post! I live very close to both The Grove and Hollywood and Higland, although I go to the Grove way more. It's easy to forget how many cool things we have out here, since we're surrounded by it daily. I am actually taking my mom and grandma to Ketchup tomorrow - love the mac and cheese!

    I totally used to try restaurants because of The Hills hehe. I've been to Area for a fashion show, but noticed it was renamed within this last year. Not sure why...

  36. Very fun and interesting post! I've never been to LA. BUT if I do, I now have a game plan for the fashion district!!!

    And thank you for the sweet award =)

  37. hi everyone! thank you so much for visiting my blog! and i'm really happy you liked my LA post. :D

  38. I love Los Angeles too!:D This is my home!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  39. This is an amazing post, it put a smile on my face! Now I want to go to LA asap!!! So many people I know shrug it off and say nahhh there are nicer places in California but this looks so cool.

  40. Marie-- :D

    Cafe Bellini-- yeah, i think the whole hollywood scene overshadows the beautiful places here in LA. hope you can come visit LA. :)

  41. i really really enjoyed this post! I'm a fellow LA girl! i just love it here:D


  42. Aww Mimi!!! This post goes straight into my heart!!! :D This is so my ultimate fantastic travel destination!!!

    Can't wait to have enough money to come over the big sea right to L.A. But just now it's not more then a lovely daydream ...

  43. Carrie-- yay, fellow LA girl!

    Susi-- awww, susi! i know it's gonna come true! i look forward to you visiting us here in LA!

  44. awww I love my LA! :)

    haha LA is just so big and beautiful!
    very nice blog post! You definitely got all the good spots!

    love that Harry Potter picture! ;)

  45. Bree-- hi girl! thanks and yes, yay for LA! ;)