Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Anthropologie picks :)

It is a chilly Sunday night for us here in LA. I am actually liking it - I think I've had enough hot days to last me 'til next summer (haha, yeah right, then I'd be complaining about it being so cold in December...). No, but really, the cold weather is getting me all excited for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. :D

I was looking through Forever21's website to look for leather jackets (they have a lot!), and I was gonna share them with you guys on a post, but then I thought "Why not check out Anthropologie's website instead?" - and so I did.

Here are the items that caught my eye:

Sepia Saddlebag, $268

Ciara's Slipper Flats, $80

Tap and Slither Flats, $148

Desert Oasis Booties, $168

Craftsmanship Capelet, $118

Falling In Love Vest, $118

Marlene Blouse, $168

Ha'penny Cardigan, $128

Konnichiwa Sweater, $128

Filamentous Cardigan, $148

Watercolor Folds Dress, $348

Night Fever Dress, $158

Harbingers Of Fall Dress, $158

I was also looking through their accessories, but if I were to share the ones that caught my eye on this post, this is gonna be a really long one - so I will just share that on a separate post. :D

How did I do for my first Anthropologie virtual shopping?

Have a fantastic week, my loves!



  1. Charming Vanity-- i love it too. :D

  2. I love them all, the Marlene Blouse and the Ha'penny Cardigan are stunning!!


  3. i <3 anthro :) The store always smells amazing && has the best decoration. I love ur picks.


  4. You just did good Mimi.
    I love the Ha'penny Cardigan:))
    have a nice sunday:)

  5. I would pick the Ha'penny Cardigan and Filamentous Cardigan. They look so special but, oh my, very special price though.

    Its Monday morning in Germany, so, happy new week Mimi <3

  6. the bag!! i would love to get that but i am also eyeing the Michael Kors one as well. =/

  7. I just did that with UO! :) I'm a huge sucker for that brown bag at the top!

  8. Oh I love that bag, wow! And that Filamentous cardigan (hope I spelled that one correctly) lol.

    I don't complain about the cooler days cause it's always sunny in the Philippines (Rachel said it) hehe well except for now that we are currently experiencing this "monster" storm. Bummer.

  9. great picks !! and I love this LA weather too !! so ready for the holiday!!!


  10. aww i love the bag! i have been looking for a similar one here in Aus.

    Nice blog :)

  11. Love both of flats.Hope you have a great week!


  12. I've been looking for that kind of bag for quite awhile now, i like it so much!

  13. Hi, Mimi! I opened my shop "AnnaMoon"! Come and see! I will be glad to see you! With love from Russia)))

  14. I think everything you picked is really cute! I'll have to check out their website. The only thing that'll keep me from buying though, will be the price... the items seem of good quality, but expensive :(
    Do you have any of these? Are they worth the money?


  15. Oh Anthropologie, I just love it so much! I have been good lately and haven't bought anything but these pieces are all so gorgeous!

  16. I don't own a mustard yellow cardigan yet so that's what I would get (first)!

  17. I love everything on your list! Especially the bag! Its perfect!


  18. ugh so many great items! reallllly loving that satchel! xo

  19. oh my god what an amazing pics here :) love especially the flats :D
    great blog :D


    hope you come visit/follow me? :)

  20. Marcela-- they really are. :)

    Eva-- you're right, their stores have really good decoration.

    karla-- thanks, my sunday was pretty good!

    Susi-- happy new week!

    Rinz-- the bag is just perfect!

    Krystal-- it's a winner!

    Dianne-- i hope that storm isn't doing too much damage! keep dry and safe!

    Curves ahead makeup-- me too! :)

    Diana-- :D

    ROSITANEGRA-- thanks!

    Nuheila-- i wish you the same!

    Katie-- :D

    shineyglam-- that bag is a favorite around here! ;)

    Maria-- haha ;)

    AnnaMoon-- thanks for inviting me!

    Scientific Housewife-- i love those too!

    Caro-- i agree, they do cost a lot. i actually haven't bought anything from anthropologie.

    Staley Mc-- haha, that's good to know! ;)

    Cafe Bellini-- i don't have one like it either. ;)

    Nikki-- glad you liked them!

    Andee Layne-- if only we can get them all, huh?

    Cara-- thanks!

  21. Emilie-- hi! thanks for dropping by. i will for sure visit your blog too. :)

  22. We have such similar taste. The moment I laid eyes on that Sepia Saddlebag I knew that I needed it. Not saying I'm going to buy it (it's a bit expensive), but I can admire from afar!! :)

  23. Erika-- same here! i'm happy just looking at it. :D

  24. Are you an Anthropologie freak as well! LOL! Im addicted to getting the catalogs. They also style the clothes and accessories in the most charming manner. If only I could afford to buy out everything they sell. One can dream right...
    That saddlebag is gorgeous!!!

  25. Oh I love this store so much, I would live in the store if they let me.

  26. Anthro has some seriously cute stuff, I just can't bear to spend that much money on clothing!

    Enter to win a $35 gift certificate to CSN stores now through October 31st!


  27. Oh, please please post about your F21 leather jacket choices too! I'm looking for one and I'd appreciate your review and suggestions!


    Win a Yola Couture Designer Dress at:


  28. i like the saddlebag the best n_n but just a tad pricey~~but then most stuff are at anthro...LOL...

  29. oh my, i love the booties and the filamentous cardigan! i can see them going perfecting together!

  30. So inspiring..but I know I could never afford any of it. Sweet wishlist!

  31. Sunny & Star-- :D

    Supergirl-- it is. :)

    Venus In Virgo-- actually, this is the first time i looked at their website. ;)

    Amber Blue Bird-- aww. :)

    Melanie-- same here!

    20 York Street-- oh yeah, definitely!

    milk tea girl-- yeah, they are all pricey!

    StuddedLilly-- you're right, they do go well together!

    ivy-- if only they weren't so expensive. *sigh*

  32. I would LOVE to snatch up the Filamentous Cardigan -- but maybe it will go on sale??

    Chic on the Cheap

  33. Oh, Mimi Girl you did good! I love your Style!
    gi gi

  34. Nice picks, Mimi!:D

    I enjoy being inside this store!:D I like their home decor items.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  35. Marie-- aah, their decors are great too!

  36. Great pics, I love that bag as well :)

  37. loved all the cardis! They look so gorgeous!

  38. Ooooo, I adore all of these picks. I just wish someone would offer me an unlimited shopping spree at Anthro. Their pieces are so classic and trendy. I could definitely see myself with some of those items year after year. Maybe I need to start an anthro specific savings account :)

  39. I love, love, love anthropologie!

    And that handbag is adorable. Great picks.

  40. Signe-- thanks! :D

    Marisa-- those cardis are great. :)

    Kristin W-- me too! hahah. ;)

    kat-- thanks! :D

  41. Oooh, wish those Oasis Booties were on sale!

  42. I need to do some serious shopping soon. Thanks for the tips.

  43. those shoes are so cute <3

    xoxo Christine

  44. love anthro! Great picks ! the bag is really cute :)