Saturday, October 9, 2010

Movie: Life As We Know It

I hope everyone is having an awesome Saturday! :)

Last night, I went to go see Life As We Know It with my friends. We were actually choosing between that and The Social Network, but romantic-comedy, chick flick, feel-good movie won. Maybe I'll see the The Social Network sometime next week.

Here is the movie's trailer:

Okay, so yes - it's the same old chick flick - predictable and all that. But I actually loved it. While I do like watching movies with depth and substance, rom-coms and chick flicks are just really my kinda movie - especially after a long week. Plus, it's the perfect movie to watch with your sisters, best friends, mom, aunt...

"Get out of my car! Get out of my SmartCar!"

Holly Berenson is an up-and-coming caterer and Eric Messer is a promising network sports director. After a disastrous first date, the only thing they have in common is their dislike for each other and their love for their goddaughter, Sophie. But when they suddenly become all Sophie has in the world, Holly and Eric are forced to put their differences aside. Juggling career ambitions and competing social calendars, they'll have to find some common ground while living under one roof.
(*from Yahoo! movies*)

I am not going to say more about the story than that summary does because I don't really want to spoil it for those of you who might want to see it. ;)

All I am going to say is I enjoyed this movie. Everyone was laughing all throughout the 1 hour and 52 minutes. You will cry and laugh. You will feel their frustration, struggle, happiness, and love for Sophie. And you will just adore the baby. She is so cute! (Triplets actually played the role of Sophie.)

sniffing the baby's diaper

"It's like Slumdog Millionaire in there!"

Another thing I loved was that it was set in Atlanta - not Los Angeles or New York or the other usual places. And the house they used was just absolutely beautiful!

While Katherine Heigl may be unpopular to some, I think she definitely has talent. She can make you laugh and cry at the same time. What do you think of her?

Josh Duhamel, on the other hand, is just as good-looking as ever. It's so cute to see him with a baby. (I wonder when he and Fergie will have one of their own.) On the acting department, I have no complains. He was good. He's come a long way from being Tad Hamilton in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

I also loooooved Katherine Heigl's look in this movie - her clothes, sandals, boots, accessories, hairstyle - everything!

I loved her sandals from this scene - too bad we can't see all of it in this photo.

I think these are the same sandals! Haha. I want it. And I want her beret!

The house is just lovely!

As for chemistry, they definitely have it. I think they look cute together. Wayyyy more than with Gerard Butler in The Ugly Truth.

Final Verdict: If you want to relax, unwind, and laugh, this is a good movie to watch. I loved it. I don't regret seeing it at all. :D

Have you seen Life As We Know It? Did you like it?

Are you thinking of seeing it?

Have a great weekend, everyone! :D

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  1. This is def my kinda of movie. I'm going to watch it too sometime this weekend. :) Great post. xx

  2. Ansa-- thanks! i'm sure you'll love it too! :)

  3. Now I wanna see that movie even more! I'll have to wait another 2 weeks won't open until the 21st.. :(
    Cute review!


  4. Caro-- thanks! and don't worry, 2 weeks will go by fast. :)

  5. How funny! we're totally on the same page with movies - my bf and I are going to the movies tonight and were deciding between Life as We Know It and Social Network! He doesn't really care which one we see so I'm leaning toward Life as We Know it :)

  6. Alexa-- that's really funny, we're so alike! :D hope you enjoy the movie. i have a feeling you and your boyfriend will love it. :D

  7. So nice of you to visit my blog, Mimi, i love your blog, love your review.. Great Job.. I am a new follower- and will so be back..
    Thanks Karryann

  8. I love chick flicks:) I also alove really meaningful movies but chick flicks will always have their places in my heart:) I am curious about this movie I will certainly see:)

  9. I want to see this movie! And I have to mention of course that I love her hat in the trailer ; )

    Make sure you go see The Social Network! You don't want to miss it, it's so good!

  10. I love chick flicks!!! I want to see this movie!! I love both of them, Special Katherine Heigl:)
    You have a wonderful Sat as well :)

  11. I love this kinda movie. The show kinda reminded me of Knocked Up by Katherine Heigl as well...anyway great review! Will b catching them in the cinema as soon as they start showing at my locals.


  12. Thanks for the input!

    I want to see this movie! I'm gonna wait until next week for the in-laws. Then they can watch the baby :-)

    I've loved Heigl ever since the series Roswell and Duhamel from Las Vegas :-)

  13. I was supposed to go see this tonight or my sisters' birthdays. I had a migraine unfortunately. Hoping to get to it on Tuesday night. Looks like its right up my alley.

  14. im not a big fan of katherine heigl but i think i would still see this movie. thanks for the review!

  15. Glad to hear the movie was good! A girl needs those romantic comedies! I enjoy watching movies with depth but can't resist a good chick flick!

  16. slumdog millionare in there! haha FTW! I've the trailer of this when we went to see Eat, Pray, Love and I instantly fell in love. I'm a sucker for chic-flicks, rom-coms & I'm glad to know that this movie isn't disappointing. Might see this movie tomorrow or next week.

  17. I want to see it! Your right this one is for the girls. My hubs started making fun of it right after he saw a preview.

  18. Reyna-- i hope you get to see it!

    Marie-- i'm sure you'll love him here!

    Karryann-- you're welcome and thanks!

    Pelin-- they definitely have a place in my heart too. :)

    Marie-- aaah yes, love her hat too! and yup, i want to see the social network too.

    AnieLii-- hope you had a great saturday!

    Charming Vanity-- yeah, it's kinda like knocked up but on a different level.

    Emy-- i hope you love it too and that you have a good time!

    FunnyFaceBeauty-- hope you feel better!

    Shelley Ann-- you're welcome! and yeah, i'm not her biggest fan either but i do like her.

    Tasha-- same here!

    Em-- i saw the trailer when i saw eat, pray, love too! let me know what you think of it!

    BottledBeauty-- you know what, there were a lot of guys who watched it and liked it. your husband might like it too. ;)

  19. I don't normally like chick flicks, but you've definitely talked me into seeing this one. It looks so fun! I love this post, WAY better than any movie review I've ever read before!!!
    I'm following you now too, your blog is so cute! xoxo

  20. i think i will see this morning next weekend!! i am too busy with school =(

  21. I agree...I really like KH ^_^ She seems to rub some people the wrong way but I think she is a great actress and has gorgeous smile to boot. What annoys me is "actresses" who can't act and coast by on her face :P eheh this sounds like a perfect rainy day movie ^_^!

  22. Hey lovely pics...Like the trailer!! Thanks for sharing sweetie!

  23. The previews for this look so cute!

  24. Two of my favorite actor/actress :D I can't wait to watch it!! This would be fun for a laid back movie night :D I can't wait!!

  25. oh I have to see that movie! I love Katherine!

  26. I love Katherine Heigl since I saw her in the movies Knocked Up and 27 Dresses. I also really want to see this movie, it looks really good :)

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    and its so stylish

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    it will be great if u will follow me too

  29. Ah that looks quite good actually. The only film I've seen Katherine Heigl in was The Ugly Truth, which I thought was awful, but I think this one might be worth a try :-) Glad you enjoyed it!

  30. I so want to see this! :) they are so cute and the baby super adorable!

    Josh Duhamel is so gorgeous! ahhh!

    I like Katherine Heigl! I really wanted her to stay in Grey's Anatomy! :/

  31. The Many Colours of Happiness-- thank you! that means a lot to me! :)

    Rinz-- aw, i hope you can take some time off from school to relax.

    InsideOut Elle-- i totally agree with you!

    Rakhshanda-- you're welcome!

    Katie-- yup!

    a!k0-- yup, it's the perfect laidback movie!

    Marisa-- i'm sure you're gonna like it!

    Rebecca Armstrong-- i loved those two movies too!

    D-May-- thanks for inviting me!

    Polina-- thanks! i followed back!

    Laura-- yeah, i thought the ugly truth wasn't good either! but this one is. :)

    Bree-- omg, me too! i wanted her to stay.

  32. aww, i want to watch it so baaad! i think Josh Duhamel is really handsome! :D


  33. Thanks so much for the review! I will definitely check it out!


  34. Nice review! I definitely wanna see this movie!

  35. Went to watch this with my boyfriend and loved every part of it. It makes you laugh, smile and cry! Great movie.

  36. Carrie-- i hope you get to watch it soon! :)

    Fashion Meets Food-- you're welcome!

    Scientific Housewife-- thanks! :)

    Dizzyy-- thanks! i hope you get to see it soon!

    Terri-- glad you liked it too!

  37. Thanks for the trailer and for the good review, Mimi!:D

    I'll wait for it on Netflix.:D

    ***** Marie *****