Friday, October 8, 2010

My recent purchase: Gap and Gossip

Happy Friday, everyone!

How was your week? Is it just me or did this week feel like it went by slowly?

I mentioned way back that I bought some stuff from Gap and a little store called Gossip - here are the pictures now. ;) So really, this isn't very recent, but I would still like to share them with you.

A few months back, I told my Mom that I wanted to get shirts to wear for school. You know, for those days when you just want to wear jeans and a shirt? So we went to Forever21 (of course, haha!), but they didn't really have many shirts. I was just about to give up - good thing we decided to check the Gap store. :D


On the day we went there, there was a sale going on!



These two were originally $24.50 ---> reduced to $10!


This V-neck shirt is originally $16.50 ---> reduced to $10!

Then we went to a store called Gossip - there's one in Santa Barbara, the other one is in Pasadena.


They have really cute and affordable items - clothes, shoes, bags, accessories. If you ever find yourself in Santa Barbara and Pasadena, definitely check this store out. :)

I got these:





These are $5.99 each.

During the summer, I wore them with shorts or sometimes jeans. They are also long enough to wear with leggings or tights - just throw on a blazer and a scarf. :D

Oh, and another NOTD:


Sinful Colors -- Forget Now

I hate how I always forget to take pictures right after I paint my nails a new color, so I never get a photo of nicely painted nails, haha. ;)

More shopping posts soon! :D

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. amazing buys, those basics will totally last an aaaage! and that nail polish is completely lush!

    i got style spotted in london the other day and am in a competition on facebook now! and i NEED NEED NEED YOUR vote!
    this is the link:

    and im the first girl on it in the purple coat! please tell all your friends on blogger and on facebook to vote for me as well! the prize is £250 in lipsy vouchers!
    lots of love

  2. Suyin-- yes, they will definitely last a long time. :D

  3. Hi Mimi! I like the first top from Gap, the one with the...was it a zipper on the back? I don't have a 20/20 haha. Black and Grey yey! And the V-neck...I think I have that one, in exact same color! Gap shirts are very comfy I love them!

  4. This week was excruciatingly slow! Great basic tops!


  5. super cute basics !

    you know what would look cute with it ? a big bow brooch, you can hang it around the neck of a basic top and it makes it look fabulous :)

  6. Gap always has great basic tops! Cute nail polish colour!

  7. Those tanks are pretty and it's great that you can wear them with leggings! I often struggle to find a decent top to pair with my leggings -_-

  8. i love sales, these are great for layering!
    come follow xoxo

  9. You got some great pieces! Pretty nail polish color :)

  10. Dianne-- haha, yeah, it's a zipper. i don't have 20/20 vision either. ;)

    Melanie-- feels good to know i am not alone in thinking this week was slow. ;)

    Lily Blue-- oh yeah, that would look great. thanks for the tip!

    Beautygirl24-- :D

    A La Moda-- :D

    Cafe Bellini-- yes, they do! :)

    Gaby-- yeah, it's really difficult to find tank tops that are long enough to wear with leggings.

    FASHION ICE-- yup, i agree with the two things you said. :)

  11. I love basic clothing. I think we all need a bunch of basic tops, they go with almost everything (: Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog*

  12. I like the first two shirts. Good choice and so cheap!!

    Times Like Mine

  13. Very cute indeed! you can never have too many nice every day tops esp for such a bargain price :)

  14. Signe-- thanks! i'm glad i found them. :)

    Marisa-- you are absolutely right! you're welcome!

    Marcela-- i love those too! thanks!

    All Made Up-- i totally agree!

  15. Oh my gosh, Mimi! Those are definite steals! :) Huge markdowns, eh?

    The racerbacks, I like a lot!

    By the way, the new GAP logo is odd... They should've just stuck with the old one.

  16. Toni-- yup. definitely huge! haha. oooh, i haven't seen it, i'm gonna go google that.

  17. Cool finds! I love discounts at Gap! xo

  18. Mimi, I love your blog! It's so cute and fun to read!
    Gotta love shopping trips..especially when there's sales! lucky you!!

    thanks for the follow! so happy to return the favor :)

  19. Cute shirts! I love the blue color of the one from Gossip. Also love the nail polish.

  20. Hi there! thanks for the follow :) I will have to look for that Gossip store next time I am in PAsadena. I just had a shopping trip to JCREW (in pasadena) and I got so lucky with great sales.

    Like you I have been really into nail polish this season.. Loving the Sally Hansen manicure in a bottle in Commander in Chic and also obsessed with the taupes.

    Have a great weekend!

  21. Love everything! Have you seen the latest controversy with the GAP's new logo?

  22. Great pieces! Love the nail polish too! Have a great weekend xoxo

  23. Cute, I really like the tank tops with the adorable pocket. I really like the Gap, most of the time! I was quite upset when they took it out of the mall here.

  24. Great finds, Mimi!:D $10?!

    I have a Gossip 10 minutes away from me.:D Nice store.

    My week was a bit slow.

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  25. I love those different colored tanks! :D perfect for layering.


  26. oh, don't you just love going shopping on sale day?you get good deals on stuff you will not usually buy on its regular price. :p

  27. I really like the tops you got. They're simple pieces, but you can layer and mix them with a lot of other things to either dress it up or down. =]

  28. I love that you're all about bargains - it's right up my alley. Stop by sometime - I'm all about mixing designer with great vintage/thrift finds, as seen here, here, here, and here.


    November Grey
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  29. Beautiful buys! Gap and BR is having a huge sale this weekend - gotta check it out!


    Win a Banana Republic Statement Necklace at:


  30. Those are some great basics!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment and for following my blog :) You're a sweetheart!

    I'm following you too now btw.



  31. I love all your purchases bevcause they are going to go so well for all the winter layering!

    And Ihave the same Gap grey tee! :)

  32. I love those vest tops total bargain. It would be like £3 for me :).

    great nail colour


  33. awesome purchase!!! I read that GAP has changed their LOGO with 90s feel to it =/

    Rinz @

  34. the clothes look lovely!

    Nici from

  35. Great basics at bargain prices! Well done. Love the nail polish soooo much. xxx

  36. A girl can never have enough basics in her closet... even better when you find such a great deal!!! xo

  37. aw, I love Gap and I love the gossip. Really, what's wrong with navy blue?

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  38. Taj-- i love them too!

    Candice-- aww, thanks, that's so sweet of you! i'm glad you like my blog. :)

    Sunny & Star-- that color is amazing.

    sealaura-- i've been to that j.crew too! and i really want to get that sally hansen nail polish.

    FunnyFaceBeauty-- yup, i actually just found out about it cuz another blogger mentioned it.

    Brunch at Saks-- i hope you're having a great weekend!

    Ashley-- oh my gosh, that really sucks!

    Marie-- yup, $10! :D

    Carrie-- you are so right!

    Em-- most definitely!

    Leenda-- you're right, that's what i thought too!

    November Grey-- i will definitely stop by!

    20 York Street-- oooh, i should check that out. thanks for letting me know!

    Michelle-- you're welcome and thanks!

    Tamanna-- yup, great for layering! :)

    Georgia-- thanks! :)

    Rinz-- yup, they did.

    Nici-- thanks!

    Vintage Vixen-- i was so happy to find them!

    Debby-- i agree!

    gleenn-- haha, i know right.

  39. I absolutely ADORE that polish color! Great finds as well!


  40. oooh! you scored some great finds and prices! did you hear about the new gap logo? it looks terrible...i wish they would stay with the one they've been using FOREVER. bah.

  41. Fashion Meets Food-- :D

    Jessica-- yup, i've seen it and i agree that original one is wayyyy better! hope they come back to it.

  42. Gah! There's a store called Gossip? I love it!! :)

  43. I have to commend you for your ability to stock up on basics! I can't seem to do this, and always go crazy when I don't have basic solid tees to wear!

    Chic on the Cheap

  44. Cute nail polish! :)


  45. Erika-- haha, yup!

    LyddieGal-- aww, thanks! i was quite surprised with myself too. ;)

    Danielle-- thanks!

  46. nice buys! you can totally wear those Gap shirts with leggings, blazer, and a cute scarf :)

  47. i like your finds for gap!
    the razorback tanks wth the pocket is really cute!