Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Taco Tuesday! :D

Happy Tuesday, dear friends! :D

I stayed away from my laptop yesterday because I spent some time cleaning, and then studying for my Math exam. I am happy to share that the exam was easy - I didn't really get stuck on any problem. Somehow though, that's kinda scary. After I turned my paper in, I kept wondering if maybe I read the Math problems wrong - How could I have not gotten stuck on any of them?

Do you ever get that feeling?

But anyways, that's done and over with. Moving on, my post for today is all about Taco Tuesday! :)

We didn't really have tacos for dinner tonight (we had chicken curry)... these photos were taken almost a month ago, but I really waited until tonight to post them because I want to call this "Taco Tuesday", haha! ;)

We used McCormick Cheesy Taco seasoning mix:


It made the ground beef taste delicious - cheesy and creamy. It had all that yummy taco goodness.

I ate mine like this:


My sister ate hers with sour cream:


For some reason, I don't like sour cream. I don't really know why.

Our Dad ate his with a hard taco shell:


How do you like to eat your tacos?

Whenever we eat tacos for dinner, we lay everything out like a buffet. It's more convenient to have each make his or her own taco, and it makes cleaning up easier.


We got this tortilla container for a dollar! It's good to have this because it keeps the tortilla warm. :)


Sorry, I know this picture doesn't make it look appetizing!






shredded cheese


sour cream

Do you make your own tacos? What is your favorite go-to place for tacos?

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!


  1. Yummy! I love tacos1 It's been awhile since I've made some. BTW, where did you get the tortilla container? I want one :-)

    I have an awesome L'BRI skincare product giveaway going on.

    Have a great week!


  2. Oh I LOVE tacos! I like to put the hard shells in a casserole dish with the meat and cheese and then put it in the oven for the cheese to melt! Lettuce, tomatoes & SOUR CREME (oh I love that, too ;) ) on top...YUM!! I could have some tacos for breakfast right now! :D


  3. oh my god looks delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i havent had taco in a looongg time. I need to get to taco bells soon :)

  4. so so YUMMY!



  5. for some odd reason, I don't find tacos enjoyable haha am I weird?lol! and just like you, I really don't like sour cream. :D

  6. Looks delish! Tacos are one of my favorite easy-to-make recipes! We usually use the mild taco seasoning from McCormick's, sour cream, guac (if I get around to making it), lettuce, shredded cheese and tomatoes picked right from our garden. I personally love crunchy shells better but my man loves the soft shells. Try making Taco Salad with tortilla chips too...we had that twice this week - thanks leftovers!

  7. I don't eat red meat anymore but I still crave it. These tacos look so good!

  8. We do it the same style girl! We just had them 2night as a matter of fact!! My boys love them :)

  9. So delicious looking!!!
    Glad to hear that your test went well. I've walked out of tests thinking the same thing; what went wrong because that was too easy!

    I love soft tacos. I like mine with rice, beans, lots of veggies, guac, and sour cream. Oh and cheese.

    And actually, more than I love home made tacos, I love home made nacho night!!!

  10. Emy-- i think we got it at our local grocery store. :)

    Caro-- thanks for sharing that, i'm definitely gonna try it.

    Rinz-- you should have some soon, haha! ;)

    Eva-- :D

    Em-- ooh, really, you don't like tacos? they're really good. ;)

    Sunshine and Summertime-- taco salad sounds delish!

    Leeann-- my sister doesn't eat meat either.

    Kelly-- aaahhh, tacos are so good!

    Lisa-- i'm happy to know you know what i mean. and you're right, nachos are really good too!

    Michelle Chic-- :D

  11. great post !!! they look delicious I use meat or chicken on my tacos yummy but that ground beef looks great

  12. Yuuuum!! I would have eaten a lot of those!!!!!!! Sadly, I've never eaten tacos :(

  13. Love love love tacos! This looks so yummy :)

  14. Glad your math test went well...I had curry chicken a couple days ago!! Love it. And I do make my own tacos, but Avila's El Ranchito makes the BEST handmade tortillas I have ever tasted. They are like family!! The Avila's,not the tortillas...hehe


  15. I get that feeling a lot... When it's too easy for your liking you start to wonder if maybe you just read things wrong? :P
    Looks really yummy x)

  16. OMG Mimi! I'm soo hungry right now!

  17. aww!! MIMI! I am so hungry now and I am craving for tacos! hehe:)
    It looks really yummy too.
    It's been so long since I ate taco..
    nice blog!
    continue posting.

    try to visit my blog too.
    thank you:)

  18. I like them with sour cream too! Oh, I got so hungry looking at tese photos...Off to the kitchen now! ;)


  19. *mmmmm* i love tacos!!!

    and yes, back when i was in school, i was always one of the first people to be finished and i always questioned whether i maybe skipped over a whole page or something. haha! ;P

    p.s - yes to bobby flay.. i just think men who in cook in general are quite attractive. ;P

  20. Gah! We are so alike in regards to school - I do that all the time. In fact, a few weeks ago, I turned in my Final paper - electronically, of course - and I kept checking and re-checking that I had, in fact, uploaded it. I was freaking that it hadn't been submitted properly!! :P

  21. Yum! These look good! I want to make some this weekend now : ) I'd substitute the ground beef for veggie ground, I'm sure it would taste delicious!

  22. i hate math, i've got a tough math class starting next semester so i will be feeling your pain lol. but i loveeee tocos!! Mexican food is so darn good!

  23. Taco Bell, Taco Mayo, Taco Bueno. So long as they are crispy shell I will eat them from anywhere. I use McCormick Chili seasoning mix.

  24. I love tacos! And I haven't had dinner yet! So not fair! lol

    Looks tasty!

  25. Oooooh, tacos!:D Those look delicious and fresh, I want some!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  26. My favourite part of tacos is definitely the guacamole! YUM!!!

  27. I looove soft tacos! And i love to eat it with sour cream. omg, this is making me crave tacos. Gotta head over to taco bell!


  28. Curves ahead makeup-- thanks!

    Lauren-- really? i hope you get to try some soon!

    Signe-- thanks!

    Carrie-- hahaha, that made me laugh!

    Marisa-- yes, exactly!

    Dianne-- awww, haha, i hope you got to eat after that. ;)

    karla camille-- thanks! and i will definitely visit your blog more often!

    Simona-- :D

    Kym-- i definitely agree! i want someone who can cook! and i feel that too, i wonder if i missed a page or something.

    Erika-- omg, i do that too!

    Marie-- oh yeah, i'm sure that will be delicious too!

    shari-- agreed!

    SassyAgapi-- why can't we just skip math, huh?

    Ms. Givens-- i like crispy shell too. :)

    Tasha-- aww, haha. ;)

    Marie-- i hope you get to eat some too!

    Lady Grey-- we actually forgot guacamole that day! :O

    Carrie-- hahaha. ;)

  29. Mmm it looks yummy and simple to do hey ihave. Give away on ny blog you should check itout it's my first :) DOLLMEUP

  30. Twinn-- it's really simple and easy to make. :D

  31. This looks really good! I love tacos. lol for taco tuesday! hahaha

  32. that looks soo good! I'm very hungry now, I think I'm going to have tacos for dinner tonight,lol!


  33. Leenda-- haha. ;)

    A&C-- haha, hope you had a good dinner! :)

  34. I make a different version of tacos without the meat, instead I used refried beans, tomatoes, corn and lettuce. Low fat and yummy! And hard tacos are the best, though I will make a quesadilla with the same ingredients but I add olives. So good, this is making me hungry!

    Have a great week Mimi!

  35. Sophia-- we like to use refried beans too! have a great week as well! :D

  36. I have the same problem with tests too lol.
    My mother and law uses the same seasoning mix.