Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Polyvore: Boots! :)

Hi, fellow bloggers! How was your Tuesday?

We went to Ross after school today - my Mom wanted to get some jeans and sweaters (I got some stuff too, a future post, of course!) - and there was this lady who cut in line. She just got in line without checking if there was anyone behind her. So she got into this almost catfight with the ladies who were really supposed to go ahead of her. They were calling each other names and stuff, and someone (an employee or security) had to come in and break it up - it was crazy, and awkward for everyone else. Have you ever seen public fights like that?

Anyways, my friend and I were talking about how excited we are that we can finally wear our boots! Who's with us on that excitement? In honor of boots season, I made three Polyvore sets using three different kinds of boots. :D

Over-the-knee boots:

Even though I don't know if I can ever pull of wearing over-the-knee boots, I do like how it looks on other people. That is how I would wear them.

High-heeled biker boots:

I now appreciate how nice boots look when worn with dresses. I can imagine this outfit worn on a night out with friends. If only I can last long with those heels on! Haha. ;)

Ugg boots:

I've never really been into Uggs because I'm not a fan of the shapeless and bulky look of the original ones. But cute styles like the one above (and others like it) can be an exception for me. And yes, the comfort does make it a winner. That outfit is perfect for a cold day - going to school, running errands, etc.

Which one is your favorite?



  1. If only I didn't have chunky legs, I would purchase knee-high boots. :D Those are lovely!

    About the UGGS, my fiancé thinks they're UGG-ly. lol. I like the style you posted though. Charlotte Russe had one just like it but the sole of the boots were hideous! :s

    boots-boots-boots-b-b-boots! :) I have to say, I've never seen a public fight before.

  2. Yikes! So awkward....

    I love boots with heels but when I need to go run errands and shop, I prefer flat ones.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. I ♥♥♥ The 2nd one!!! it's so me!!! Love this post! You rock!!! ☺

  4. Toni-- omg, same here! i wish i had long legs, haha. and yeah, it's really hard to find cute ugg-like boots.

    Marie-- yup, it was awkward. oh yeah, flat boots are definitely best for everyday.

    LHEY-- aww, thanks!

    Michelle Chic-- the color is awesome!

  5. the fight was awkward indeed and stressful! and I hate how some people can be so inconsiderate sometimes. pfft!

    I love UGG boots! We get crazy winter here so ugg boots is something you wanna invest on to keep your feet warm (last year the coldest was -45C I think), and they're good for walking esp when it's really snowy. :D

  6. Em-- yup, i hate that! wow, -45?! and i think this weather we have is cold! ;)

  7. I am def with the excitement!!!

  8. Definitely excited about boots!

  9. Yay boots!! I love the OTK and the Uggs, too!

    mmmkay what is with the line cutters? the chef had this same scenario the other night at ralph's on la brea. i have to do a post on it. mayhem broke out after he waited in line for 30 minutes only to be called over to another checkstand where THREE people cut in front of him and when someone stuck up for him CALLED THE CHEF and the other guy BABIES. WHAT????

    the employees did NOTHING NADA ZERO

    crazy, huh??


  10. Love the boots :-) Nice blog! :-)

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  11. The purple boots are beautiful:) Hugs,sweetie

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  13. I am loving the over the knee boots, but not sure that I can pull that off...plus, I have super long giraffe legs, so not sure that I could ever find boots tall enough to go over the knee! :) But they are sooooooo cute!

  14. I loooove ankle boots!! OMG! They are such a must have this fall, sadly I'm skinny and kind of tall so they make my feet look waaay longer :(( Wish I could wear some :( But they look relly fashionable and great!

  15. I like all the looks! they are all great for different occasions.


  16. im still hunting for nice new pairs of boots =D I loveee uggs haha, they are so comfortable and warm, everyone wears them over here. Every winter haha. xx

  17. Those purple boots are so cute! I have to admit, I LOVE my uggs. They are ugly, yes, but so, so comfy and really warm!

  18. Shame on all line-cutters! Geeze, people need to get a grip!

    I wear Uggs, too. I will have to get them out of my closet soon as it's getting colder here!

  19. Oh my gosh I'm so in love with those plum boots. They are soo cute!


  20. I totally ordered boots and received them Monday - perfect timing. Wore them yesterday and wearing my rain boots today!

    I love knee high black boots with a heel. Those are my fav style.

  21. Krystal-- yay!

    Katie-- :D

    Carrie-- oh my gosh, that's crazy! it's really annoying how sometimes the employees don't even do anything. at all! grrr.

    Julia-- thanks!

    Diana-- hugs back! and thanks for telling me about your giveaway!

    Ashley-- yep, they really are cute. i have the opposite problem - i have short legs! :(

    Lauren-- i looove ankle boots! you're right, they are great. :)

    Lynnette-- i'm happy you liked them!

    xWHLo-- i think i'm really gonna have to join in with the uggs!

    Cafe Bellini-- haha, yes, they really are comfy!

    Marie-- yes, really, shame on them!

    Sarah-- the color is fab!

    Leann-- i want to buy rain boots too. haha. ;)

  22. uggs are comfy but overpriced and after a while they sag around their ankles which becomes weird when you walk around with them! but I do love over the knee boots :D

  23. Pop Champagne-- yeah, they can be really expensive. and i didn't know that they sag, thanks for telling me!

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  25. Oh jeeze.. public catfight. That's crazy. I'm so excited for boots season... Love the booties polyvore best!


  26. Melanie-- yep, it's crazy! and i love booties too. :D

  27. Thanks for visiting my blog an entering the Charlotte Russe giveaway :)...love your blog by the way.

    <3, natasha
    twenty-something blog

  28. Mimi! :) I gave you an award. I'm not sure if you care for those but I gave you one anyway. :)

  29. Natasha-- thanks!!!

    Toni-- awww, thank you!!! of course, i love getting awards. :D

  30. my favorite would be the 1st and 3rd outfits! UGG boots are so comfy, girl!


  31. must get my paws on a good pair of over the knee boots. they're so pretty!

  32. Carrie-- haha, yeah, so i've been told. ;)

    InsideOut Elle-- yes, they are! :)

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  34. love boots! my fave is definitely the uggs outfit! so comfy!


  35. Bree-- i do agree that uggs are comfy. ;)

  36. i love all the Polyvore sets but the last one with the uggs is my kinda style 8D.