Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Melissa Sweet

Yay, it's Thursday tomorrow, we're another day closer to the weekend! :D

I've noticed that I haven't posted about wedding stuff for quite some time now, so I thought I'd share some Melissa Sweet creations with everyone today.

1. Bee - French lace strapless A-line gown with draped bustline, dropped torso and hand-beaded tiered skirt.

2. Dora - Strapless dotted organza with ruched wrapped bodice and self-tie sash.

3. Felice - Narrow V-neck gown of organza with lace-edged straps, contrast sash, and flounced A-line skirt.

4. Laeticia - English net strapless gown with ruched bustline, scattered hand-cut lace flowers, and full, sweeping skirt.

5. Natalie - Re-embroidered French lace slim gown with ruffled cap sleeves and delicate sprinkled beadwork throughout.

6. Uma - Silk organza strapless ballgown with diagonally draped bodice and fabric petal embellished skirt.

7. Valentina - Modified A-line gown of floral guipure lace over organdy with lightly beaded sweetheart neckline.

8. Wallis - Silk crinkle chiffon strapless fit-and-flare gown with fabric roses of various sizes appliqued all over and silk organza sash at waist.

Besides these beautiful wedding gowns, they also have gorgeous bridesmaids dresses.

Black and Gray:

They also have the most beautiful colors.

Shades of purple:

*The back of this dress is my favorite!*


*Gorgeous color and neckline!*


Which ones did you like the most?

*images and descriptions from*

The only celebrity I found who wore a Melissa Sweet dress on her wedding day is Beverley Mitchell (Lucy from Seventh Heaven, remember her?).



Do you know anyone else who wore Melissa Sweet on her wedding day?

I hope you had a good Wednesday! :D


  1. they are all so pretty! but #8 has to be my favorite.

  2. A La Moda-- great choice! :D

  3. Amazing collection, I am loving the Dora!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. I love the Laeticia! It's ideal if you want to cover up a little pooch :-)

  5. Marie-- that one is nice too!

    Marie-- aaahh, yes, i love the sash in that one. :)

    Emy-- haha, true!

  6. I fell in love with the Uma dress! and the red dresses are gorgeous! wow!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous dresses!

  8. i really really really like the Laeticia dress, the Uma dress, and the Wallis dress! GORGEOUS!


  9. THe purple dresses are so pretty! Esp the plunging back one :D

  10. I adore Melissa Sweet dresses... they're so romantic!

  11. OMG!!! I'm totally in love with No. 6 and 7!!!

  12. These are so beautiful. I think I like Uma and Valentina but the close-up of the lace material in the first pic had me swooning!

  13. Totally loving the black and grey dresses! Gorgeous post <3

    And HAHA about your last post, with the ladies fighting in line! It is so funny when adults, who are supposed to be mature, fight like that!

    Emilie xoxo

  14. Those dresses are amazingly beautiful! My favorites are the 1st and 5th one.

  15. Stunning creations! Thanks for introducing me to Melissa.

  16. I love the Natalie dress and the 2nd purple one.. :D


  17. Em-- the first red one is one of my favorites!

    Katie-- yup!

    Carrie-- aaahhh, yes, they are all pretty!

    InsideOut Elle-- i love that purple one!

    Lady Grey-- romantic is such a good way to describe these dresses!

    Susi-- those dresses would look great on you!

    Michelle Chic-- :D

    Nikki-- yes, they are! ;)

    xWHLo-- :D

    Cafe Bellinie-- great choices! and yes, the detail on the first one is just gorgeous!

    Emilie-- yes, my thoughts exactly! they should be mature enough not to do that!

    Sunny & Star-- i love the bow on the 5th one!

    Faiza-- you're welcome!

    Vintage and Cake-- if that was my bridesmaid dress, i wouldn't mind at all! ;)

    Mia-- that second purple dress is a winner!

  18. Hi Mimi!

    #4, #5 & #7 really speak to me :) I would take anyone of them and I was not in Melissa Sweet on my white wedding day! How fun to virtually pick out what I did 10 years ago :) XO, Kelly

  19. How's my Mimi Girl! Good I hope :)
    Lovin the Uma dress! Just beautiful!
    I also love the purple dress!
    I hope you have a fantastic friday and great weekend!
    gi gi

  20. Ansa-- i totally agree!

    Kelly-- hi! those are great choices!

    Poised & Pretty-- i think so too!

    Gigi-- i am doing well, thanks! and i hope you have a great weekend too! kisses!

  21. They are all very strking and chic, but am drawn to the first dress - have a sweet weekend;-)

  22. I love all the dresses. I might do a post on my wedding dress i wore. <3

  23. Oh wow, she has such beautiful designs! I'm not familiar with her work, but I'm loving it! I remember Beverly Mitchell!! Aww good 'ol days of 7th Heaven:) She looks gorgeous!

  24. I would want something really simple if I was getting married. Thank you for the comments :)

  25. I love the Natalie gown! So simple yet elegant. And yey for weekend! :-)

  26. Gorgeous! I love the Felice, so ladylike! XX!

  27. wow! I am in love! Absolutely gorgeous and stunning!


  28. I want a Uma like dress for my wedding! after all how many times in your life can you get away with a puffy dress :D

  29. The Dora and Natalie pieces are my favorite - so elegant and charming!! :)

  30. Fashion, Art, and other fancies-- have a sweet weekend too!

    Keirasluckycharm-- ooh, i look forward to that!

    The Owl's Closet-- hahah, yes, the good old days of seventh heaven. :)

    Chloe-- you're welcome!

    Dianne-- yup, yay for the weekend!

    shari-- it is! :)

    Fashion Meets Food-- yes, they are!

    Pop Champagne-- i totally agree!

    Erika-- i love those too! i love them all, haha. ;)

  31. Those wedding dresses are amazing. I think I would get the Bee dress, or maybe the Valentina. Wish I had a wedding to plan..maybe one day? ;)


  32. OMG! Gorgeous dresses! Love them all...
    thanks for your comment on my blog. Now following you,care to follow back? Plus be on the lookout for my upcoming food blog because I see your a foodies too XOXO

  33. Chrystie-- yes, definitely one day!

    Venus In Virgo-- hi! you're welcome and i'm sure i already followed you, i'll check again. and looking forward to your food blog.

  34. these dresses are amazing!! ps i followed back!
    thanks so much!!

  35. hmmm...dresses 3, 4, and 5...gorgeous! makes me want to get married all over again!!

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  37. Beautiful, beautiful wedding gowns! Now I want to get married again hahaa

  38. darn it i wanna get married now!!!

    rinz @

  39. anne-- nice choices - all beautiful! :)

    ashura-- awww, i'm sure you looked beautiful on your wedding day! :)

    Rinz-- haha, i know what you mean! :D

  40. Gorgeous dress! Beautiful collection!

  41. all so gorgeous! my faves are Bee and Laeticia!

    I'm loving that back too!


  42. Bree-- great choices! i love them all!

  43. Dizzy-- i pretty much love them all too. ;)