Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Friday! :D

Yay for the weekend! :D

How was your week?

Mine was pretty good - I just caught colds yesterday, though, but it's no big deal, fortunately, I'm not that sick. :)

Here are some of the snacks we usually buy when we go to the grocery store:


Chips Ahoy! White Fudge Chunky, Fudge Marshmallows, Double Stuf Oreos, Sandies Pecan Shortbread, Toblerone, Vanilla and Chocolate Wafers. :D

What snacks do you buy at the grocery store?

I also want to pass on the Tanti Baci Award the lovely Bree gave me a while back.

Thanks, Bree! You are so generous with these awards! :)


1. Copy the image onto your blog.

2. Thank the person who gave you this award.

3. Pass it on.

4. Let them know.

I pass the Tanti Baci Award (meaning: many kisses) to:

Toni Tralala





If you want to join in on our 90's flashback and listen to songs we all loved from that decade, please click here. :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Hey Mimi! Thanks for the award! That was sweet of you! :)

    I found a bigger pumpkin patch near my area. It's around Topanga. I'll tell you the street once I pass by it again. :) They have a trampoline with harnesses that kids can jump on.

  2. My week just went well. So far, so good :)

    anyway, I love chips ahoy and Toblerone as well. I never leave the grocery without these stuffs in my cart:))

  3. i love chips ahoy! and oroes! and toblerone! :D
    and thank you for the award.


  4. look like what I buy for my hubs !! great stuff !!
    have a great weekend girlie !!congrats on the award

  5. Heyy!! Thanks for the award I'll post about it later today thanksss!! xoxooxo :*

  6. Yammy!
    I had busy week,so i'm so happy that its finally weekend:)


  7. Oreos are my favorite cookies!

  8. So sweet, Mimi! Thanks a lot for the award!


    PS: When I was in HighSchool, I used to eat a bag of skittles EVERY DAY!! :D It's my favorite candy!

  9. My week was very long and i am very happy its over... sadly i already know this weekend is going to go to fast.


  10. I hope you have a sugar-filled weekend, my love!! :)

  11. Toblerone! My nanna use to give me those all the time! XOXO

  12. Thanks for sharing! I love it!


  13. Aww you just made me hungry with all those delicious snacks!!

  14. congratulations on the award YAY ♥

    lol you junk food and sweet stuff just like me ! can we share all the food in the photo together lol

  15. Toni-- you're welcome! and is that pumpkin patch the one at pierce?

    karla-- toblerone is one of my all-time fave chocolates.

    Carrie-- you're welcome!

    Curves ahead makeup-- thanks and have a great weekend too!

    Lauren-- you're welcome!

    Katie-- indeed!

    Nuheila-- yup, yay for the weekend!

    Marisa-- they are great!

    Caro-- you're very welcome! and i love skittles too!

    Jessie-- yeah, i know, why must the weekend be so short?

    Erika-- thank you!

    agatheloff-- :D

    Ansa-- definitely!

    Venus in Virgo-- i love toblerone!

    minnja-- no prob!

    Gaby-- ;)

    v a m p i r e-- thanks! and yeah, most definitely, haha! ;)

  16. mmmm... oreos!

    I hope you have a fab and relaxing (and hopefully healing) weekend!

    Love, Makay

  17. How's my Mimi Girl? Hope your enjoying your weekend( with your yummy snacks ;)
    My son Auston is a Cookie Monster!
    We like Pringles and Kit Kats!
    gi gi

  18. Makay-- thank you so much!

    gi gi-- hey there! i am doing okay, thanks for asking! i love kit kats too! :D

  19. Hope you feel better. I am starting to have a cough =/

    Blaeh! LOL

    Hope u have a great weekend


    Rinz @

  20. Rinz-- thanks and i hope you feel better too! :D

  21. No. Pierce is far from the pumpkin patch I'm talking about. I want to go to the one at De Soto. It's a lot better than the one in Calabasas. You should go see it! :)

  22. Toni-- oh, okay. i want to check those out. :D

  23. Hmmmmmm... delicious treats!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  24. Yummy, the sweets it’s killing me!
    I’ve been stuffing my face with so much sweets since before Halloween, and I had to force myself to stop because I’m heavily gaining weight and breaking out from all the sugar (face and body).
    And you post pictures of cookies and huge chocolate bars, you’re killing me Mimi, you’re killing me lol.
    Congrats on your award btw 8D