Thursday, October 14, 2010

Remember these songs? :D

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thursday! :)

I created a new station on my Pandora account - I put in 98 Degrees - and all my favorite 90's songs started to play. I've been smiling and singing along for about an hour now. So I thought, why not share them with you guys... and maybe bring a smile to your face too. :D

While I love *NSYNC so much, I have to say that for me, the ultimate boy band will always be the Backstreet Boys! Who thinks so too?

I Want It That Way:

Quit Playing Games With My Heart:

Aaaahh, and Savage Garden - I love their lyrics!

I Knew I Loved You:

Truly, Madly, Deeply:

Do you guys remember the days when Nick Lachey was considered an "it boy"?

Invisible Man:

The Hardest Thing:

And of course, *NSYNC!!! I had all their CDs! :D

This I Promise You:

I Drive Myself Crazy:

Oh, how I miss those days!

Are any of these your favorite? What songs from the 90's do you love the most?

I hope you had as much fun listening to these as I did! :D


  1. Ah haha yaaaay, Backstreets back alright! :D sharing your 'lil obsession ;D

  2. Savage GArden's TMD is THE song for's been my favorite ever since HS ^^ omg BSB and Nsync...this makes me feel so old, they were all the rage in middle school for me ^^

  3. Susi-- yes, backstreet boys, haha! ;)

    InsideOut Elle-- i also can't believe it's been years since then - gaaahh, where did the years go?

  4. Back in the day, I went ga-ga for 98 Degrees, NSync and 5ive! :)) I have my moments. I still know their songs by heart, mind you. lol.

    Hey! Spice Girls and Billie too! :D

  5. Hi, Im a new follower:)

    I loved BSB back then. And Spice Girls of course. Who didnt? haha

    "Quit playing games with my heart" & "Everybody" were my fav!! still are!

    I miss the 90s so mucho :)

  6. My favorite is 98 Degrees! Oh I remember my high school days! Haha!

  7. OMG they were all great sings @ that time! :D thanks for sharing :D It brings back a lot of memories :D

  8. Mimi-I love Pandora especially when I am at the gym or cooking dinner. Ok I will give this one a try. I was in high school in the early 90s and definitely recall listening to these songs :)

  9. Oh I loved BSB and Nsync back in the day. I saw both of them in concert!

  10. I love this post!!! All the late 90s pop music was the best! *NSYNC was my favorite, but I seriously love every song you posted today! Love the I Drive Myself Crazy video! I loved JC Chasez and Nick cute!

  11. lol LOVE this post!!! I use to be completely obsessed.


  12. hehe so much fun!!!!
    You are reminding me to go use my pandora lists more frequently. I forgot how much fun they are!


    have a great weekend!

  13. Wow! This is taking me back! Savage Garden?! I am putting 98 degrees in my pandora right now!

    Have a great weekend!


  14. No idea what Pandora is but YAY, I love all those groups! NSync's "No Strings Attached" is in my car cd player :-)

  15. THANK YOU!
    For me 90's music is Back Street Boys and Truly Madly Deeply! I spend sooooo much time listening to them on my Walkman

  16. haha I miss the 90's! 90's are def the boy band era and all the boy bands from the 90's are all awesome but if I were to choose between BSB and NSYNC, I'd choose the latter. :D

    THE 90'S!
    Hanson brothers
    Moffatts brothers
    Jordan Knight -- he too became an icon during the 90's

    ok, can't think of anymore now. hehe

  17. Love this post!
    I remember all these :)

  18. Love this post too! HAHA I created a 90's station the other day while working out, and it got me going.

  19. omg i love all these songs!! but nsync was my fave! <3

  20. Haha. 90s music is the BEST! I sang along with these boy bands even with Spice Girls! I don't care, I love them! LOL.

  21. OMG! Savage Garden was MY SONG! I still have the CD and was heartbroken when they split up. Im still crying about it boo hoo!

  22. hi everyone! i am so happy you all liked and remember these songs! :D

  23. omg, truly madly deeply used to be me and marks song (hangs head) hahaha, it sounds so funny to listen to it now!

  24. Krystal-- hahah. oh that song!

  25. Justin has def gotten cuter over the past few years lol! I was so into boy bands but NEVER admitted it haha!

  26. lol! I remember these days. Including the old school christina aguilera and britney spears. hahah

  27. omggg Loved the 90's! BSB were definitely my favs! Along with Westlife and Hanson!

  28. lol all the videos reminds of me of my teenage days BOy Bands , although i dont really like boy bands anymore but i have to shamelessly admit that i love NSync's Drive myself crazy

  29. Leenda-- aah, yes, old school christina and britney.

    Marisa-- i loved hanson too! and i do remember westlife's songs!

    v a m p i r e-- hahaha, yeah, i'm not such a fan of boybands anymore, but i definitely loved these groups.

  30. i love all of these songs! omg, these are soooo old! but i still love them:D

    look at how justin timberlake looked like years ago! craazy.


  31. Carrie-- hahaha, i still thought he was cute though. ;)

  32. Haha oh man, I laughed so hard watching these videos! Its been years! Their facial expressions and dance moves are priceless! Thanks for the smile Mimi!

  33. Oh hello memory lane :) I love them so much!! The songs, the guys (can't say they were hunks really :P). I still remember them and I have them on my mp3 :P *guilty* if I want to be reminded of the good ol' days I just plug them in. :D Thanks for reminding me ^__^

  34. Sophia-- hahah, they are really funny to watch! i'm glad i made you smile! :D

    a!k0-- i have them on my ipod too! :D

  35. Oh my gosh, this post just made me sing all these songs!:D

    Great post!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  36. Marie-- thanks! glad you liked it!

  37. Lol I really can’t decide between the two, maybe N-SYNC?
    Lol Justin had blonde hair, looking at it now on him looks um well … bad.