Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy October! :D

Happy 1st of October! :D

You probably remember how I have pictures saved for future blog posts (How can you not when I always mention them, huh? Haha!).

Anyways, a few months back, we ordered pizza for dinner... well, yeah, that's not unusual, right? Yup, it's not. But what we ordered was Pizza Hut's
New Big Italy Pizza!



- Almost 2 feet long
- 18 slices
- up to 3 toppings
- $12!!!
One amazing deal!

What are your favorite pizza toppings? Where do you go when you crave pizza?

Have an awesome weekend, everyone! :D


  1. I just posted my October post! :)) Hey, I tried that a few weeks ago and it's not bad for the price.

    How can something so affordable be so tasty? :)

    By the way, I have all my entries lined up in MS Word and I just upload them unless I have something that pops up at the top of my head then I post out of impulse. :))

    Great pizza! Try the Italian bread sticks from Little Ceasars. YUUUM!

  2. Oh Mimi I WISH I could try this. I loved Pizza Hut before gluten rained on my pizza parade. I'd order the deep dish ham and pineapple with hot peppers on the side (yum!) or the pepperoni, mushroom and green pepper. Oh the good old pizza days! That's an amazing deal you got. Woot!!

    And thx for the online heads up re: My Generation. I don't even have dvr (i know, i know) so that's an alternative I hadn't even thought of!

    Happy weekend!

  3. Toni-- i knooow! for that price, i wasn't really expecting it to be yummy! thanks for that tip, btw!

    Carrie-- yup, it was an amazing deal, and the ones you described sound delicious! haha, yeah, not everyone has dvr and that's alright, they have the episodes online anyway. :D

  4. great looking pizza i might just order one today I prefer domino's with feta cheese its amazing

  5. I always like getting the Supreme.:D Yum!:D

    Have a wonderful weekend, Mimi!:D

    ... and thanks for making me crave for pizza!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. Me too! I was surprised when I finally had a slice of it. Once you try the Italian bread sticks, you're going to be hooked on it though. :)

  7. Oh my, pizza is a big yum for me! Papa Gino's is my favorite kind. Always. ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

  8. omg...i want! mmmm...


  9. i have pizza hut here too! my fav is american fav toping :D omg $12 here is still too expensive. The bigest size of pizza hut only $7 here XD

  10. Curves ahead makeup-- oh yeah, dominos is good too! :D

    Marie-- haha, no prob! ;)

    Toni-- yeeah, their breadsticks are awesome too!

    Alyssa-- hmmm, i don't think we have a papa gino's here...

    LIQUESandMEG-- haha, pizza is yummy.

  11. ipehishere-- oh my, really?! wow, $7 is such a gooood deal!

  12. is this the same thing as the panormous?! I'm not a fan of pizza but when I usually crave for pizza, I settle for the Brooklyn haha dunno why.. or Dr. Oetkr (sp?)mushroom.

  13. I love ANY and ALL Pizza!!!

    Happy October to you too Mimi =)

  14. Big Italy Pizza?! That looks amazing. I don't think this is available at the Pizza Hut we have here. Boohoo. Have a yummy weekend sweetie

  15. mmmm...Pizza. I had some earlier today when I took The Boy to Chuck E Cheese & now am feeling quite ill...hahaha

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  17. It's october! yay, i can't wait for Halloween! hahaha.


  18. Oh my gosh, that's a huge pizza! 8D
    Looks yummy! ;)

  19. Happy October MIMI!!!!!!!

    wow that's a hugggeeeee pizza! YUMMMMM
    havent had one in a while


  20. this looks exactly like my dinner :) I had an amy's pizza and topped it off with mushrooms, pepperoni and basil. But now it's midnight and i am hungry and this picture is not helping. have a great weekend,

  21. Ha I know its awful but like once a year I want Pizza Hut! But my husband hates it, so we rarely have it!

  22. ahaha, i've never heard of this italy pizza! interesting!

  23. yuuuuum-strokes her tummy- corn, ham and olives are my fave toppings.. But to tell the truth, I eat everything :D

    have a lovely weekend!


  24. Thanks for following me at I am now following you.

    Angel x

  25. As strange as this sounds, I love the way pizza looks, but I truly cannot stand the taste. :P

  26. Oh yum! pizza sounds so good now 8D

  27. Mmm, now I am craving some pizza!

  28. ha ha, that is one big pizza!!

  29. Em-- hmmm, i'm not sure, but i don't think they're the same. ;)

    Beautygirl24-- happy october!

    ChinkyGirLMel-- have a yummy weekend too!

    Good Girls Studio-- aw, so sorry to hear that! :/

    Dolls Factory-- thanks for inviting me!

    Carrie-- haha, me too!

    Dana-- yup, it was huge!

    Rinz-- happy october!!! :D

    naina-- basil would've made that pizza more yummy! happy weekend!

    Katie-- aw, we rarely order from pizza hut too. but this one was really good.

    Krystal-- it was good!

    Marcela-- hmm, i've never had corn on my pizza before but that sounds yum! :D

    Angel-- you're welcome and thanks!

    Erika-- actually, i'm really not a big pizza person, but this one was pretty good. ;)

    Dizzy-- :D

    Signe-- ;)

    Lady Grey-- yup, it took up most of the back seat in our car. ;)

  30. that is huge! I also like Pizza Hut and Domino's! :)

    Ameci's is pretty good too!

  31. Bree-- oh yeah, ameci's is good!