Friday, December 2, 2011

New Stylish Stars of Fall TV! :D

Yay for the weekend! :D

I think this season's new TV lineup is one of the most successful ones we've seen in a while.
There were a lot of new TV shows that became instant favorites.
My nights are now filled with TV shows to watch... thank God for DVR and Hulu, haha. ;)

Besides looking forward to what's gonna happen next, I find myself looking forward to what the characters are gonna wear!

Here are the stylish characters I am loving from my new favorite TV shows:

1. Hart of Dixie -

Arguably, the most stylish doctor ever: Zoe Hart.

The people of Bluebell hate her shorts, but I love them!

Zoe seems to have feelings for town lawyer George Tucker, but I am definitely on Team Wade!

The other stylish girl from Bluebell that I love: Southern-sweetheart Lemon Breeland.

I love how Jaime King portrays Lemon -- she's a girl you'd hate ('cuz she's mean to Zoe), but you can't help but love her nonetheless because there's so much more to her than her snooty persona.

Plus, I love her sweet and girly style!

She's engaged to George Tucker, but I want her to end up with ex-football player and now-Bluebell mayor Lavon Hayes. (Sorry, George!)

2. Ringer -

Bridget Kelly, posing as her wealthy twin sister Siobhan Martin, now has access to an amazing closet!

Besides those gorgeous clothes, Bridget has also won the affection of her sister's estranged husband, self-made millionaire Andrew Martin (but he thinks she's Siobhan, so that's a big problem).

I really really really want Bridget and Andrew to end up together, though.

3. New Girl -

Everyone's favorite adorkable roommate, Jess, has really cute clothes!

I really loooove Jess' bright-colored ballet flats!
And I want Zooey Deschanel's hair!

4. Revenge -

Emily VanCamp as Amanda Clarke/ Emily Thorne makes getting revenge look so easy!

Emily has a laidback and casual beach style.
When it's time for her to attend those Hamptons soirees, Emily breaks out her dresses.

I looove this dress she wore to a Fourth of July party:

Her best friend, Ashley, also has the most amazing clothes!

I love Emily's relationship with multi-millionaire Nolan Ross -- hopefully Nolan remains loyal to her, I think she really needs his help to ensure her plans go smoothly.

Oh and Revenge fans, are you Team Daniel or Team Jack? ;)

5. The Secret Circle -

I just recently started watching The Secret Circle episodes online, and I am hooked!

The outfits worn by The Secret Circle girls can be easily recreated -- leather jackets, cardigans, boots, etc.

I have six more episodes to watch before I am all caught up.

Out of all these characters, I think I dress the most like Jess (I love skirts, dresses, and ballet flats!). I'd love to be as polished as Lemon always is, but I should take some style tips from Zoe. This winter, I want to wear boots like the ones worn by The Secret Circle girls. I should stock up on cocktail dresses à la Emily and Ashley. And when I am older, I want to dress like Bridget/ Siobhan. ;)

What about you? Whose style is closest to yours?
Who's on your list of the most stylish TV characters (besides Blair and Serena, of course, haha!)?

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! :D

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  1. Ringer ans New Girl are my absolutely favorite. I just love how they dress Jessie, it's so vintage-gy and adorable and Bridget is so sophisticated.

  2. AnieLii-- i totally agree! you described them perfectly! :)

  3. I love all of these shows! On top of juicy storylines, I am also always looking forward to seeing the fashion. You did a good job here, girl!

    I absolutely love all of these characters' styles. My style is probably closer to 'The Secret Circle' girls. :D

    "Lotus Berry Relax!" ;)

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  4. Bree-- aww, thanks, girl! and hahaha, lotus berry relax -- gotta love schmidt! :D

  5. I'm totally into Heart of Dixie!
    Well I love Rachel's style and her heroine's style is more or less the same...all that tiny shorts and pretty heels. Tho Lemon is fun as well: so girly-girly! And how she talks!!!...Brilliant!:))

    And of course I'm still faithful to old good Gossip Girl;)



  6. i love rachel's style in hart of dixie!! laid back and stylish at the same time!

  7. Alexandra-- i knoooooow, jaime king has that accent down, she's amazing. and haha, yeah, good old gossip girl, can any character be as stylish as those upper east side kids? ;)

    Femme Virtue-- agreed! :D

  8. I wish I could see these shows but alas will have to wait for them to go on dvd. I love Sarah Michelle Gellar and Zoey's style on their shows. However, I'm not sure if my style matches any of these.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend Mmi!


  9. Reese-- thank you! and have a wonderful weekend too, reese! :)

  10. They are all very stylish!!! My fave is zoey dechanel!!

  11. Francesca-- she's awesome! :)

  12. I love Secret Circle the most. Such cool storylines! I didn't like New Girl at first, but I'm liking it more now. Oddly, I like everyone on the show but Zoe in the Dixie show. & Revenge is so much better than I thought it would be.

    Great reviews!

  13. Rachel Bilson is amazing :D


    Have a great weekend :)

  14. Among everything, I love Rachel Bilson most!

  15. The girls from The Secret Circle have such incredible style. Obsessed! :)

  16. Ah, Rachel looks lovely but so are the other characters too. Warmly hope you are well and wish you a nice weekend;-)

  17. how've i missed the first two shows????

  18. I want Zooey's hair too! Funny how I include costume design as one of my criteria when picking what show to watch. Hehe. Have a great weekend Mimi! :)

    another day to wander

  19. All of these people are so well dressed, awesome outfit inspiration! I adore Zooey Deschanel, she always looks super cute <3

  20. Ah Zooey Deschanel is so beautiful, I love her style. I was sad to hear about her divorce recently :(

    I keep meaning to watch Revenge - I saw the first episode and thought it had potential but had forgotten about it until now!

    Have a fab weekend! xxx

  21. Hey !
    New Girl is my favorite new show, Zooey Deschanel is great in that role plus her character has really cute clothes :)


  22. I love The Secret Circle and the outfits from the cast always look amazing! :)


  23. New girl is also one of my favorite t.v shows. I especially love how they dress Zooey.

  24. aw haha I always look forward to the fashion as well =p
    I love Zoe's style and can see myself actually owning
    her closet as if it was my own XD I agree, love her shorts!

    I want her to end up with Wade as well, such a cute guy =p

    I agree, sometimes I hate Lemon but she's just too adorable

    New Girl is just so dorky and funny, love Jess =p

    great post!

  25. Great job here. i love it all.

  26. Great post. Love Rachel and Sara's personal styles also.

  27. i love how you blogged about all the fashionable characters on TV. at least i have new inspirations to look to. <3

  28. ellie-- haha, zoe can be a tad annoying when she acts stuck up, huh? ;)

    Sick by Trend-- i hope you're having a great weekend too!

    miss_fashionmix-- her style is a hit with almost everyone. :)

    Erika-- i really like their boots. ;)

    Fashion, Art and other fancies-- aww, thanks! i hope you're having a great weekend too!

    Elle-- aw, you can catch up with episodes online. :)

    Dianne-- gosh, she has such beautiful hair! ;)

    Lidiya-- agreed!

    Sarah-- i knooow, it's really sad. :/ oh and you can still catch up with revenge, if you have some spare time. ;)

    Kimberly-- i totally agree, she's perfect as jess!

    Alma-- :D

    Diana-- same here. :)

    Peiji-- aww yay we're both on team wade! ;) and i do want her closet as well, haha.

    Clara-- thanks!

    JustPatience-- yup, same here!

    rovie-- aww, thanks, i'm glad you loved it!

  29. aw i watch those shows,too!greaaaat post!!!!love your points!<3


  30. Great post :)

  31. I do love the wardrobe of the Secret Circle!

  32. This is such a cool idea for a post Mimi! I think Zoe Hart's style trumps them all!

  33. Ahh such an amazing roundup of styles on TV you have provided here! I'm loving Lemon, Bridget & Ashley's styles! I think I'm a mix of the 3, but if I were to choose one style that I think is the most me at the moment, it's probably the The Secret Circle girls!


  34. Nice recap! I've been loving Zoe Hart's wardrobe too- and I am also very team Wade! He's so hot!

  35. vintage process-- :D

    VALERIE-- aww, thanks, glad you loved it!

    Aleksandra-- thank you!

    Audrey Allure-- they have cute clothes. :)

    Marie a la Mode-- aww, thanks! i'm glad you think so! and yeah, zoe has fantastic style. ;)

    Rachel-- the secret circle girls' style is so normal it's great, haha. ;)

    Meri-- thanks! and i totally agree, wade is soooooo cute, love him! ;)

  36. Those are all amazing clothes. I wish I look half that good!

  37. Shutterbug-- aww, i'm sure you look great! :)

  38. I just love Rachel Bilson and her style is goergous;P Not only in movies but in real life;0

  39. You are definitely my favorite blogger, I love how you have time to write amazing posts and still get back to your subscribers! My favorite of these stylish ladies is definitely Lemon portrayed by Jaime King. I've always wanted to dress up like that, in a classic cute girlie way ( that I find to be a quite a sexy way to dress)! Great post

  40. I feel like I'm missing out! out of these shows, I've only see the new girl... but i've heard Revenge is really good! Maybe it's not too late to start! And I watch Gossip Girl for the clothes :)


  41. I haven't seen any of these! I never have time to get caught up on tv lately! Love rachel's outfits! xx

  42. Loveforfood-- :D

    Secret garden-- i totally agree!

    Nana-- aww, thank you so much! i really appreciate that, it totally made my day! :)

    jenny-- yup, it's not too late, you can still catch up! all these shows are so good. :)

    Taj-- it really is quite hard to catch up with shows, but i try to find some time. ;)

  43. I have to catch up with shows too (and also watch some films), I love Rachel Bilson's shorts, they're so pretty, and I love Zoey Deschanel too, she's so pretty and lovely, and her clothes are always so nice


  44. I love all of these stylish ladies you have posted about. I have been very envious of the Revenge wardrobe since the beginning of the season. And Zoe and Lemon dress so differently but I love them both.

  45. Marley-- i totally agree with you! and maybe you'll have some time to catch up this coming winter break? ;)

    Sunny&Star-- thanks! love them too! haha, i knooow, i love both zoe and lemon too. :)

  46. Hi lovely,
    I admit..I'm Revenge fan.I love it;)
    I absolutely love the Emily's party dresses!!
    p.s.I'm Team Jack;)
    Fashion tea at 5

  47. Mary-- hi there! you and me both, i love revenge! ;) and daniel is sweet, but i think i'm definitely team jack as well! ;)

  48. Great list. You have NO IDEA how much I want Zooey Deschanels hair, isn't it just perfect? I love her a little bit - and you're right, her clothes are awesome (they are in 500 days of summer too)

    I also really love Bridgets wardrobe on Ringer, I'm a bit hooked on that programme so I'm glad to find someone else who likes it, I watched the first episode with my boyfriend and he hated it, so I've been watching it alone ever since and had no-one to talk to about it!

    I really hope Andrew and Bridget end up together properly, she's so much nicer than Siobhan.. xx

  49. I also what Zoey's hair. Its so pretty.

    I like the The Secret Circle girls' clothing.

    I LOVE Rachel Bilson. She looks good in anything. :)

  50. I feel like such a loser 'cause I haven't seen any of those shows, but I do love the styling in all the girls.. and yeay for sarah michelle gellar coming back to tv (I'm a devoted Buffy the vampire slayer lover)... I've been obsessing over PAN AM.. have you seen that show?.. awesome clothes in there!
    thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll keep in touch!

  51. Love Zoe Hart....her outfits are adorable!

    The Other Side of Gray

  52. My top two faves are Rachel and Zoe - cute and stylin ladies :)

    Dirty Pink Cardigan


  53. I love "new girl" I love her style too :)


  54. I looooooove Rachel Bilson! She's like one of my style icons! And Hart of Dixie is one of my absolute favorite TV shows.

    Love, Belle

  55. Charlotte-- it is! i love the color, the length, and how healthy it looks. and hey, you have me to discuss ringer with. :)

    Maribel-- so true!

    DailyGlamour-- :D

    little moon lover-- nope, i actually don't watch pan am, but i agree that they have amazing clothes too! :)

    Annie-- yup!

    Marie-- :D

    Andy-- :D

    Belle-- she has really great style and i love hart of dixie too!

  56. Love my rachel bilson and zooey <3 xxAnisa

  57. i haven't watched any of these (yet!), but i have such a style crush on rachel bilson. her show is so stylish and she looks so cute and put-together!

    erica | sweets + hearts

  58. I love the secret circle! It's an amazing show!

    --Olivia :)

  59. Erica-- you're right, her show is full of style! ;)

    Olivia-- it is! :)

  60. I love Rachel Bilson's style but I can't wear heels that high!

    Oh my gosh, I've been dying of the The New Girl episodes. Hilarious show, I love it!

  61. Nikki-- haha, i can't either but i want to learn how. ;) and yup, new girl is hilarious, i love schmidt!

  62. Yay we could sit and watch tv together! I am definitely on team Jack :D I like the secret circle gang i think it's very simple and I like simple :D I haven't watch ringer since the 1st ep...and I love new girl. Hilarious :D hehe...miss reading your blog!


  63. a!k0-- yes, we could! i miss hearing from you here too! yay for twitter, at least we can still talk there. :)

  64. i want zoe hart's wardrobe! everything she wears is toooooooo cute. aahh, i can't stop staring at the pictures.

    Come and enter!
    In Love With Fashion Giveaway.


  65. Carrie-- haha, i want her wardrobe too!