Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Eve: What Are You Gonna Wear?

Happy Thursday!!!

As Shopbop said, "It's {almost} PARTY TIME!" ;)
It feels weird that yet another year has passed and that we are now just a couple of days away from welcoming 2012. :O

Are you gonna wear something new for New Year's Eve?

Here are some of the Editor's Party Picks from Shopbop:

Nicholas Rebecca Sequined Dress, Parker Sunburst One Sleeve Dress, Parker Cluster Beaded V-Neck Dress, and Odylyne Vireo Tunic Dress

I love the third one!

Parker Open Back Dress, Alice + Olivia Eleanor Metallic Striped Dress, ONE by Stretta Siwa Dress, and Dolan Drop Waist Dress

I want #4!

Which of these eight dresses did you like the most?

While it's nice to wear something new for New Year's Eve, I try to keep in mind that times are tough, and we gotta save when we can, right? ;)

With that thought in mind, I decided that I will look through my closet to find some of my older (and possibly never used) clothes to wear for New Year's. I also made two looks from to help me come up with two outfits: one for New Year's Eve and another for New Year's Day.

New Year's Eve:

My Mom believes in wearing green for New Year's. 
Why? Because money is green, haha!

I know I have a green dress somewhere in my closet.
I have stud earrings, a gold statement necklace, and a gold bracelet.
And I can borrow my Mom's black wedge pumps.

New Year's Day:

Like everyone else, I also like to wear shiny and sparkly stuff for New Year's.
And I love the combination of gold and black!

I have skinny black pants and a sparkly gold top I got way back when I was in high school.
I can borrow my Mom's black blazer with gold buttons.
And I'll finish the look with black pumps, gold earrings, and gold bracelets.

Which of these two outfits are you more likely to wear?
What are you wearing for New Year's?

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  1. Oh Mimi---first row-Beige section number 2. If i could wear that outfit i would be a very happy gal. Out of the other two i would wear the black more than the green but i like both. This new years i am wearing a hospital gown (hopefully) waiting for this baby to come out :) Next year i will be wearing one of these dresses (i hope) Love this post.

  2. Keira-- you would look fantastic in that dress! :) i am so excited to meet your baby girl! wouldn't it be so cool if you give birth right at 12am on january 1st?! ;)

  3. Love this post !!! All the dresses are amazing love the green ones !!!

  4. Ooo, i'm totally liking the 1st and 3rd sparkly pink dresses from ShopBop! too pretty. I also like your 2nd look. It's very "New Year". Haha.


  5. I want the 4th o. The second row too! Soooo cool!

  6. Curves Ahead Make up-- :D

    Carrie-- great picks, carrie!

    Francesca-- isn't it so pretty? ;)

  7. beautiful!! I can't believe 2012 is already here so soon..
    I will definitely be wearing a shimmery dress :D


  8. Tiffany-- i knooow, it's so crazy! and a shimmery dress sounds fab! :D

  9. i love wearing gold for new year's!!!

  10. On the first photo I love the first and the third one, and then on the second photo I love 3rd and 4th one! But unfortunately I'm not gonna wear any of these, cause I'm going to a house party and no one's really gonna dress that fancy.. but i'm still gonna stay stylish :D
    Dolly, xo
    Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

  11. p.s. do you know a site where I can watch season 2 of PLL? And when will the next episode air?
    Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

  12. I like all the outfits shown here! I have no idea, yet, what will I wear for New Year :P

  13. I have been in love with that Parker Cluster Beaded V-Neck Dress for months - NEED! :)

  14. O h y e s definitely i will pick the 3rd one too. :))
    Hope ure enjoying ur hols too *winks

  15. green is my favourite colour. but i'm not sure it is the colour to wear for new years.

  16. love the Siwa dress! actually blogged about what i'll be wearing for NYE!

    Happy New Year!

  17. the third and fifth are by far my favorites!! now if only i was going somewhere that i could wear it!
    xo TJ

  18. Nothing gets me as much as the dress by Parker. It's shiny and fun without being loud or obnoxious. It's a great pick for the night.

  19. Love what your mom says about the color green on NYE! We are sure you will look fabulous tomorrow night!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  20. Beautiful NYE options!


  21. I love them all but I'll probably be in PJs... I am hoping to just relax with my mum!

    Don't Forget to 'Like' 87Life on Facebook!

  22. Dolly-- yes, yay for staying stylish! and i'll email you for pll details! :)

    Miss L-- i'm sure you're gonna look fab!

    Erika-- aaah, it's awesome!

    Melissa-- aww, thanks!

    Elle Sees-- great pick!

    Shutterbug-- haha, yeah, it's just a little belief my mom has. ;)

    Cheryl-- ooh, i'll check that out. happy new year!

    Dianne-- happy new year!!!

    TJ-- i'm sure you're gonna have something this year to wear it to. ;)

    Anna-- you are totally right!

    Jayme & Mendi-- aww, thank you! and her rationale sounds a bit funny but it does actually make a bit of sense. ;)

    Bad Joan-- :D

    Jessie-- awww, that sounds great to me too!

  23. Knowing me I would most likely wear the outfit with the sparkles and pants. I will be spending a low-key NYE in comfy clothes with chinese delivery. :-)

  24. I really like the last black dress too! I like all things sparkly and shiny! And i would also wear the green dress outfit you made. =)

    --Olivia :)

  25. Jackie-- that sounds like a good way to welcome the new year -- comfy and relaxed! :)

    Olivia-- aren't they just pretty? :D

  26. Love those Shopbop dresses especially the parker cluster beaded v-neck dress and the parker open back dress!

    I totally agree with you though on the whole saving thing. I am loving both of the outfits you created. The green dress and the sparkly top scream New Year! <3

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  27. Hey dearie!
    Wishing you a beautiful and funfilled new year ahead with lots of great things and all the good luck!
    love Rakhshan
    p.s i love #2 and #4 they are gorgeous! the sequined top with the black blazer looks awesome!xx

  28. Bree-- aah, both of those dresses are absolutely beautiful! :)

    Rakhshan-- thank you!!! i wish you all the best for 2012 too! :D

  29. Oooh, I like those dresses from Shopbop! They are definitely the kind I was looking for. I am sure you look fantastic tonight, Happy New Year!:)

    Love, Belle

  30. Belle-- aww, thanks! happy new year! :D

  31. Glitter, glitter and more glitter. That's what a new years eve outfit should have. x

  32. Oh I want the sequined top a lot!!! Cool blog! New follower here! =)

  33. in Aie's shoes-- aww, thank you, thanks for following! :D