Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weekend Randoms! :)

Happy Saturday!
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

I just wanted to share some random photos with you guys:

My Dad was reading The Wall Street Journal.


I tried to read it too, but this one was more interesting:

Special Double Issue People magazine with Bradley Cooper on the cover!


Bradley Cooper was crowned The Sexiest Man Alive, and a lot of people kinda got angry because they think it should've been Ryan Gosling.

As much as I love Mr. Gosling, I think Bradley Cooper does deserve his new title.
What do you think?

Oh, and have you guys heard Bradley speak fluent French?
Fluent French!!! Wow!

Amazing! :D

I also just painted my nails using Dr.'s Remedy's SERENE Silver Glitter (a full review to come soon!), but in the meantime I just wanted to share with you guys my nails from two weeks ago:

e.l.f. -- Cranberry


My nails are short, haha! ;)

I hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Bradley Cooper is a total hottie and he totally deserved that title! Gosh, I just love it when he speaks French.

    Also, your nails is red hot! ;)

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  2. Bree-- i love it too! and aw, thanks! i'm glad you liked the nails. ;)

  3. Brad's great, but I love to watch Ryan more.

    Oh YEAH for e.l.f!

  4. Ooh, even hotter with the French accent no?!
    And that sparkly red is lovely :)
    Thanks for your sweet comments,

    Rosie x

  5. I much prefer Ryan xD But we all have are own taste in men, thank God right? lol ;)

    Love the cranberry color!

  6. yeah, the magazine sounds like a much more interesting reading to do, specially with Bradley Cooper on the cover.
    I think he deserved the 'title', not that I don;t like R.G. but prefer Mr. Cooper.

  7. Bradley Cooper is so so gorgeous, I have no doubt as to why you found him more interesting haha <3

  8. oh i love this post!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  9. Thanks for the comment! Love the nail polish by the way!! Great blog!

    found the route

  10. oh he speaks fluent french... Multi Talented

    sending you happy spells

  11. great polish for the holidays!

  12. hi guys! thanks so much for stopping by! i wish you all a wonderful week ahead -- christmas is almost here! :)

  13. This beautiful red nail-color looks great on short nails hun, so u're "in trend"!:) Plus I love Bradley!:))))
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    Jelena (

  14. Jelena-- awww, thank you! i didn't know that, thanks for letting me know! :)

  15. i totally loveeee that video!i watched the other one which he spoke in french as well!he's just amazingly fluent in french!!!!lol


  16. Valerie-- i knoooow! when i first heard him speak french, i was like whhaaaaaattt?! ;)

  17. love such random posts:) bradley cooper is sexy yeah but defo not the sexiest man IMAO ;)
    love your sparky red nail color! x

  18. I LOVE BRADLY COOPER too.. Hot man! haha...

    btw, do you know how to link some bloggers here in blogspot??

  19. my vote would be for Ryan Reynolds! super cute nails!!


  20. Haha!! I would have picked people magazine too!! Bradley Cooper is sexy but Ryan Gosling is probably a bit hottter!!Love the nails!! :)

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  22. Love the nails, Mimi. So perfect this time of the year :)

    another day to wander

  23. that's a lovely colour of nail varnish- i'm a new follower! xx

  24. mmm, Bradley just made my day :D

    I'm also loving the nail polish <3

  25. Love that glittery red nail polish! It's so perfect for the holiday season!


  26. Love the pictures... people is always more interesting than wall street in my opinion haha!


  27. Marella-- thanks! :)

    Rakhshan-- haha, yeah he's not the sexiest man but i still think he deserves this year's title. haha, i'm biased, i love bradley cooper. ;)

    chaxs_10-- haha, yay, you love him too! ;) umm, i'm not sure what link you need, but you can always google it. :)

    jenny-- i love ryan reynolds too, but i'm just not into the whole blake lively thing with him right now. :/

    FashionistaFianna-- haha, fair enough. i'm glad you love my nails, by the way! :)

    Dianne-- thanks and totally! ;)

    Ellie-- thanks for following! :)

    sparkle-- aww haha, i'm glad this made your day! ;)

    Bad Joan-- it really is. ;)

    Jessie-- hahaha, so true! ;)

  28. I'm sorry I gotta go with Ryan Gosling, hottie with a heart!! SWOON-worthy!! hope you had a great weekend!

  29. J-- haha, no problem, i like ryan gosling too. ;) i hope you had a great weekend as well!

  30. Oooooh, everyone has such beautiful nails this season! I like this red one, and it's amazing how affordable elf products are.

    --Olivia :)

  31. Olivia-- i knoooow, i love elf! ;)

  32. I love Bradley Cooper and I wish I spoke French like that! ;)

    Oh, and I love the red nails!

    Love, Belle

  33. Belle-- same here, i want to learn! and thanks, glad you love the nails!

  34. Hi Mimi--- the red nails are so pretty but i must admit i tried their polishes and hated them. I never had that color though... i might have to give them a second chance. :)

  35. Keira-- hi!!! aw, sorry you didn't like them! the ones i've tried were pretty good. ;)

  36. My sisters love Bradley Cooper! I'm for Ryan Reynolds. Although I'm not for the fact that he's with Blake Lively. Why does she always get the good looking guys?! Hahaha. I like shimmer on your nailpolish. It looks nice.

    Come and enter!
    In Love With Fashion Giveaway.


  37. Carrie-- i knoooow! i totally agree with you, like seriously?! i looove ryan reynolds too but i really don't like him with blake lively! i hope he ends up with sandra bullock, haha. ;)