Friday, December 23, 2011

Review: SinfulColors Holiday 2011 Collection

Happy Friday! :)

The other day, I shared with you guys Dr.'s REMEDY®'s Enriched Nail Polish Holiday Collection (here).
Now, it's time to check out SinfulColors' Holiday 2011 Collection: Wish.

Bells are jingling, snow is glistening and merry tunes abound: It's the season of shimmer (aka: the holidays) and glamour, of course. And your nails deserve a little gift and loving too. Welcome the SinfulColors Holiday 2011 Collection, Wish, which delights and excites. The collection takes classic colors - like red, green, silver, and blue - and kicks them up a notch to be fashion-forward and festive to ring in 2012.

Midnight Blue, Last Chance, Sugar Sugar, Daddy's Girl, and Out of this World

The 2011 Wish Holiday Collection includes five gem-inspired shades:

Midnight Blue - a bold, bright twist on navy
Last Chance - an emerald with depth and allure
Sugar Sugar - a candy cane, red-hot tint
Daddy's Girl - a deep purple with a drizzle of shimmer and glitter
Out of this World - a perfect silver with swirls of glimmer

All these colors are beautiful -- definitely perfect for the holiday season!
My favorites? Daddy's Girl and Last Chance.

SinfulColors offers quality products at an affordable price. The variety of colors and products has caught the attention of the national media, appearing regularly in Glamour, Seventeen, and other national magazines. SinfulColors prides itself in providing the highest quality product at the most competitive price.

SinfulColors is one of my absolute favorite brands for nail polish.
They are affordable ($1.99!), are of excellent quality, and are widely available.
To add to that, they have tons of gorgeous colors to choose from (more than 150!).

With SinfulColors, we can't go wrong. :)

And, there's more...

Fashionista and Flower Girl

This collection also includes two metallic shades of nail art:

Fashionista - a glitter-laden pewter
Flower Girl - a bronzy gold with tons of sparkle

These are good basic colors to have -- gold and silver are classics!

I've always admired other bloggers who are extremely talented with nail art!
With these, I can finally practice -- I am still on the "stripes" stage, but I'll move past that sooner or later. ;)

SinfulColors is available for $1.99 at major drug and mass-market stores nationwide, by calling 1-800-448-0763, or online at

Which of these colors did you like the most?
What nail polish shade are you sporting right now?

I wish everyone a happy Christmas weekend! :)


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  1. Oh..this looks so fun! Love these.

  2. ellie-- i agree! i definitely had a lot of fun playing around with these colors and nail art. :)

  3. I laughed, I'm still on the stripes stage of nail art too! We will get there - maybe!! I like the look of 'out of this world' x

  4. Sarah-- hahaha, i really hope so! if not, then we'll rock the stripes stage. ;)

  5. They are soooo pretty! I like the blue and purple shades the best. Happy Holidays!!

  6. Sheri-- midnight blue is a really beautiful, vibrant shade too. happy holidays! :D

  7. i love nail arts.
    merry christmas mimi and hope to see a post of ur celebration :)

  8. Ihamo-- aww, thank you! merry christmas to you too! :D

  9. Oh, part of getting ready for Christmas. Love these colors.

  10. Love these colors!


  11. coco-- thank you! and merry christmas!!! :)

  12. I loooooove these colors! They look great!
    merry Xmas!!!!

  13. Francesca-- merry christmas!!!

  14. I seriously NEED the two metallic nail art shades - LOVE! :)

  15. Beautiful colors! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas weekend! :)

  16. Merry christmast,
    You has amazing blog. Nice to stop here and give your comment. Lets keep writing and blogging

  17. hey miss lady! thank you for the comment :)
    i really love these colors -- they're so perfect for the holidays. if i didn't bite my fingernails down to bloody little nubs, i'd totally get these! ha
    take care and have a merry christmas dear, i'm officially a follower!


  18. Erika-- they're awesome. ;)

    Audrey Allure-- i hope you have a very merry christmas too!

    Fitra2009-- thank you! merry christmas!

    Alexandra-- aw, haha! i wish you a merry christmas and thanks so much for following! :)

  19. I like sinfulcolors too! They are so cheap and they have pretty colors. Merry christmas!

    --Olivia :)

  20. Olivia-- i agree! and thanks, merry christmas! :)

  21. SinfulColors have the best shades! I seriously want like all of them haha. I'm really digging Midnight Blue, Fashionista, and Flower Girl. :D

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  22. Bree-- haha, i think you're gonna love all of them. ;)

  23. I like Daddy's girl and Out of this world. I prefer darker colors over brighter ones. I also like Flower Girl and Fashionista.



  24. Carrie-- yeah, i used to like darker colors too, but now i'm starting to appreciate brighter ones. ;) merry christmas!

  25. Hi dear
    Thanks for your comment
    Love the blue and the golden and silver!!

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  26. Joana-- hi! you're welcome and thanks for stopping by! :)

  27. Sinful Colors is really great! Out of all these, I think my favorite has to be Daddy's Girl.:)

    Love, Belle